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    Concealed Carry Corner: What To Do Around Police

    I've only been stopped once while armed. I placed both hands on the dash, informed the officer that I had a permit and was in possession of my side arm. I told him where it was on me and where my wallet was and that I awaited his instructions. He said ok go ahead and get your license out. Got a...
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    Knife sharpeners

    I've had the K.O. adition sharpener for a few years. There is a learning curve. Start with cheap knives because you can ruin one if you use the sharpener incorrectly. With enough practice, you can sharpen higher end knives to a polished edge without damage. Depending on blade finish, you may...
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    Bill to Ban Guns for Everyone Under 25

    So over 80% of our military are actually too incompetent to carry a firearm?
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    S A Xdm Elite 3.8" 10mm Compact Review

    The compact is a bit small grip wise for me. But I love the 4.5.
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    Shooting using a sling. Thoughts?

    I'm not familiar with the turm "hasty sling". I know that before the m16, the army taught the use of the sling to help stabilize the wepon.
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    My XDm Elite review.

    I love the xd-m elite 4.5 10mm. I just can't do the compact though.
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    My Unpopular Opinion: Don’t Customize Your Gun

    I figure, what ever makes you happy.
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    Questions on Hellcat

    You really need to handle the hellcat pro before deciding. Otherwise you're just getting personal opinions. You may even want to look at other brands as well.
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    Flitz polish

    It's still good for a lot of things. Stainless, brass copper even plastic.
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    Flitz polish

    No, it is abrasive.
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    What Is The AR-15 Forward Assist And Why Do I Need It?

    Basic training 1970. Every one of our drill Sargeant had served in Vietnam. They felt that the forward assist was a needed addition over the original. That was good enough for me. In today's civilian market, it is un necessary. I think at this point, it's just there to make it look military.
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    slide racker plate

    Have you tried using the rear sight to aid in racking it
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    A Breed Apart: The Rogue and the Prodigy

    The only thing I can tell you is, everything is abrasive. It's a matter of to what degree.
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    Range Report: One Hand Shooting, 5/8/23

    I hadn't shot in a few years and not one handed even longer. I had never shot weak side. I took two new pistols out a few weeks ago and had a ball. I found that I enjoyed shooting one handed, both strong and weak side. I can only imagine how much fun you had.
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    Welrod Pistol: Allied Assassination Tool

    Very interesting and informative
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    Considering the Hellcat Pro with Manual Safety

    Good to see that people will have the option.
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    Top 5 Pocket Concealed Carry Handguns for 2023

    Some people have some big ass pockets. I wear jeans.
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    This Is Why Your CCW Won’t Save You

    At first I thought I was reading a 60's detective novel.
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    XDM Elite Tactical OSP "META" Trigger

    Kind of. Find target, take up slack and adjust aim, fire.
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    XDM Elite Tactical OSP "META" Trigger

    I guess it's something I just don't think about. I don't know if I subconsciously feel a reset or if I let the trigger go all the way forward.