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    More teen mob violence.

    Yes sir. I was a Marine stationed (permanent personnel on MCRD in San Diego, '78-'79). We were at Mission Beach on a Sunday afternoon and had a problem with some bikers. We held our own and didn't get banged up too badly. Marines in Camp Pendleton heard about it and came down to help out the...
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    Feral packs of humans

    I'm a white guy adopted and raised by a Mexican-American family since I was 1.5. I'm the youngest and the only one who was adopted. My parents went out of their way to make me feel like I was part of the family including whoopings when needed. My parents knew who my friends were(Hispanic and...
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    My Unpopular Opinion: Don’t Customize Your Gun

    I'm with you on this. As I quickly approach 65 years young, I "usually" prefer function over form. I enjoy looking at different firearms and accessories but I prefer to keep my carry tools stock for the most part. I think there are some accessories that can dramatically improve your ability to...
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    Show all your “other” guns and discussions.

    That's a lot of wood...that's what she said...:)
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    Short-Mid Range .30 Glass…

    I totally agree. I've wanted to get a bolt action in 6.5 Creedmoor and mount a nice scope on it. I almost put a Henry Lever Action in 6.5 Creedmoor on layaway at a local pawn shop. When I went back to look at it again, it had been sold. I owned a few sporterized Swedish Mausers in 6.5 x 55...
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    Hi Point Heaven

    My mom was "old school". We either drank water or the sweet tea she made daily. No soda, no Kool-aid, no tang, nada...:) Once you turned 11 you were allowed to have a cup of Nescafe instant coffee in the mornings...:)
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    Show all your “other” guns and discussions.

    M1 Carbine Enforcer. 11 inch barrel, 30 Caliber Carbine. Very handy when driving along the Texas/Mexico Border. Great conversation piece around Veterans and firearm history fans of World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War. Conceals discreetly in a Mandolin guitar case...:) Belonged to a...
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    You’ll Shoot Your Nuts Off! Five Reasons to Rethink Appendix Carry

    I appendix carry a Glock 19 Gen 5 or a S&W 638 Bodyguard. I don't have a problem with it. And carrying this way is easier on my shoulder than my old 7-9 carry(I'm a lefty.). I recently bought a 2 holster set (IWB/OWB) for my Glock 19 from Bravo Concealment located about 40 miles from my house...
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    they twisted my arm

    Yes sir. Last Saturday I paid off a Ruger 556 that I put on layaway a couple of weeks earlier. The salesman knows I'm a former Marine and like military type rifles. The Ruger AR 556 has Magpul grip and hand guards. Once he put it in my hands I could not put it down. The first time I walked...
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    Man dies after accidentally shooting him self

    The bottom barrel on the Bond Arms Papa Bear was very accurate. It took some practice to adjust to the upper barrel. I lived in rural Arkansas for about 14 years(live in South Texas now) and dealt with poisonous snakes almost daily. For me the S&W 638 Bodyguard with larger Hogue Grips and 38...
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    A day in the life of an EDC knife.

    Nice knife. I train/teach Filipino Martial Arts and part of the training involves the use of blades like Machetes and knives. I have training blades but will sometimes put duck tape over the blade of a live blade to train, but not on a student...:) I have a few blades in different...
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    Man dies after accidentally shooting him self

    I've owned a couple of Bond Arms derringers with trigger guards(along with the Bond Arms holster) and I don't think I'd ever own any other brand of Derringer. And I don't think I'd ever own one without a trigger guard. I've seen some pretty badly made derringers out there that seemed to be an...
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    Leather Holster Sticking on Draw

    Others have posted some great advice. When I've had issues like this I usually look at the holster to see if I can figure out where it's hanging up and then put extra plastic wrap around that area and leave it for 24 hours or so. I had one leather holster that I used an old sock instead of a...
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    How Important is Capacity?

    I grew near the Mexican border in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas(I moved back to the area a little over 2 years ago). When I was younger I spent quite a bit of time in Progreso, Matamoros, and Reynosa, Mexico. It wasn't as dangerous then as it is now in those areas. I also visited...
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    Are you a fair tipper?

    I'm usually a good tipper but have been known to leave a penny if the waittress/waiter was rude. Old age has mellowed me out, so I leave more than a penny if I get bad service, but will sometimes let the manager know about it. Down here in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas I've gotten good...
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    How Important is Capacity?

    I usually carry a knife and a handgun(with a spare magazine). I like the FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) principle of "Corto/Largo"(Blade for close(corto-short) range. Firearm for longer(largo-long range) when "verbal judo" did not work and I could not escape. Consequently I use a knife when some...
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    Fords colorful new Raptor.

    Yes sir. It happens down here near the Mexican border in South Texas. A $3000 car with $10,000 or more worth of accessories. For a time the favorite mod vehicle was a Chevrolet pickup truck with $4000 tires and rims and an interior custom made and installed in Mexico. They used to call those...
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    Has Heckler & Koch gone woke?

    When I moved from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas up to the Dallas area I got myself in trouble because I spoke Spanish to a guy I thought was Hispanic. He was of American Indian descent and felt insulted. He corrected me and I apologized.
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    My Unpopular Opinion: Don’t Customize Your Gun

    Good article. I think nowadays you can buy a firearm with the modifications that you want. I have a Glock 19 Gen 5 with night sites and I don't plan on doing any other modifications to it. Back in my motorcycle riding days some guys would spend hours modifying their motorcycles or adding...
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    My Unpopular Opinion: Don’t Customize Your Gun

    We used to modify our banana seat bikes with a clothespin and piece of cardboard by the back wheel to get a "harley" sound. Sometimes we'd use a balloon instead of cardboard but you had to be ready for the balloon to pop...:)