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    Understanding the Hellcat U-Dot Sights

    Great gun and could not be happier that I picked one up. This sighting system is terrific. Easy to see, easy to use, great in bright light and low-light. Exceptional. I'd think you'd have to pay $100 at least to get sights like this added on. Anyone else agree?
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    Hellcat Kills 10K Rounds

    Same here. Once I saw this, I knew it was worth buying and I could trust it. It's insane to think a little gun like that could handle that many rounds through it. Makes me pretty confident in mine. Anyone else seen any other torture tests of the Hellcat anywhere?
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    Shield RMSc Review: Improve Your Hellcat’s Reflexes

    I picked up a standard Hellcat (it was the only one I could find!), but I really wish I had been able to get an OSP so I could mount a sight like this. It looks like it would be a great add on for the gun.
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    3.8 inch Hellcat to soon be released?!

    As soon as I read this, I thought of that gun in the 40K XDM article https://www.thearmorylife.com/strayers-40k-blue-flame/. Strayer had the same idea and did that with the original XDM guns. This does look really cool, I have to admit,
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    Looks like the senate in Va. had some common sense after all.... https://www.foxnews.com/politics/virginia-assault-weapons-ban-fails-in-legislature
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    Seems like Colt is introducing new 2020 Python

    I'd be one of those shooters on the range! I've always wanted one but never had the spare cash to get one... I'll have to live vicariously through you and anybody here who buys one of the new ones!
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    Seems like Colt is introducing new 2020 Python

    Yeah, but I saw the pics you posted. Its a real looker! I would think the original ones would still hold a premium over the new ones, so I think yours should hold some value?
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    Seems like Colt is introducing new 2020 Python

    Agreed on the pricing. Those are really pricey, but I guess still a lot less than an original...
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    Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-16×44

    I've gotten to shoot a friend's XD-M OSP with the Vortex optic (I think it's a Venom? whatever the little one is) and it seemed like a solid optic. I don't think their that expensive.
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    When you were growing up.....

    Robotech and Voltron (with a dash of Tranzor-Z). But Robotech was my favorite.
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    Your avatar story?

    As a die-hard Robotech fan, I had to go with the SDF-1 (I didn't have the guts to be Minmay)...
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    Cold Survival Layering Tips

    I tend to read Kit Perez's articles on The Armory Life and really enjoy them. There's a lot of practical info she passes along in her posts.
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    Did you purchase a firearm last year?

    I picked up a SAINT AR pistol and really like it. The barrel is really short and it is LOUD.... But, lot's of fun!
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    Goofiest Frankenstein Gun You've Ever Seen?

    An old JC Higgins .22 single action revolver for sale at a gun show as a "real cowboy gun" .... Sigh...
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    CCW for threats with more than two legs?

    I think if I were carrying something like the Hellcat, i'd stoke it with +P ammo and be reasonably comfortable with my level of protection. Now, shot placement under stresss.... That's a whole nother ball of wax....
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    ▓ 9mm~~~ Buy Factory or Reload

    I think reloading appeals to me most for specialty rounds, where something like 9mm (that you can get pretty cheap) might be best just to buy off the shelf? But, there's still something to be said for rolling your own!
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    Do you carry while camping?

    I think a longslide 10mm TRP would be a good companion!
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    Do you remember.....

    I think Entreprise Arms also made 1911s?
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    Seems like Colt is introducing new 2020 Python

    I'd love to own a python, but man that is a LOT of money!
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    Red or Green?

    I like green, but they can be expensive. The prices seem to be coming down on them, though.