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  1. Deathseed

    New to Firearms

    I ordered the Mantis X3. Im a member of USCCA and they have a discount on it. Thank you for all of the advice.
  2. Deathseed

    New to Firearms

    Does anyone have any recommendations on dry fire systems? There seem to be a lot of options but I don't want to drop money on something that doesn't work.
  3. Deathseed

    New to Firearms

    Thank you for all of the information. I have looked at training but it seems that the majority of classes are during the work week and I don't have the PTO to burn for a class at 1 pm. As to constant training, I'm not in the financial state to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on...
  4. Deathseed

    New to Firearms

    I'm in Northern VA so Central VA would not be practical. An issue that I have is 4 kids and their activities make finding the time difficult.
  5. Deathseed

    New to Firearms

    Hello Everyone, I am a new gun owners and I am trying to find out what would be important to know. I currently have a XD 9mm for home defense and a Hellcat Pro for EDC. I haven't had much training yet other than a NRA Basic Pistol class and not sure where to go from here. I live in the...
  6. Deathseed

    IWB holster for Hellcat Pro

    I got my Hellcat Pro and got a red dot from Osprey Global at a gun show a few weeks ago. There was a vendor there, Houdini Holsters, who was able to fit one of their holsters to it. Fits alright but I have another holster from Crossbreed coming in. I'm new to firearms so I'm still trying to...
  7. Deathseed

    New to firearms. Here to learn about things like home defense and CCW.

    New to firearms. Here to learn about things like home defense and CCW.