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  1. Hertervillian

    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    P-239 .40S&W in Nixon Leather
  2. Hertervillian

    Anyone carry a Mil-Spec 1911? If so let’s talk about the pros and cons

    Yep, there’s carry and then there’s carrying. To and from the car is lots different than working all day on your feet. Ive been packing the 10mm full size getting used to it prior to hunting season. Ordered some professional grade suspenders this evening for field use. Kinda wanting to avoid...
  3. Hertervillian

    How Much Of A Role Does Avoiding Trouble Play In Your Overall Strategy?

    At this point 100% successful in deploying my brain first. Work can take me to some sketchy places, thinking like an Impala at the waterhole. Grandma was right when she said nothing good happens after 10:00.😁
  4. Hertervillian

    1911 operator 10mm NRA

    I love me some 10mm 1911. A big heavy framed gun tames the round very nicely. Check around and you’ll find ammo at 40S&W prices, locally it was 0.08 less for a 50round Box of S&B. Buy it cheap stack it deep. Not sure how long the reasonable stuff might last, hoping it’s a new normal.
  5. Hertervillian

    Smyth Busters: Is a PCC a Good Home Defense Gun?

    I just don’t think it gets much better than a SBR. Any center fire cartridge you choose should suffice. The longer radius sight picture, leads to better accuracy. Short barrel is just better in a home setting. Maybe that rifle gives you an intimidation advantage if the no goodnik turns tail all...
  6. Hertervillian

    Latest from The Sheriff

    Went through a renewal class with “that guy”. Felt sorry for those just getting their feet wet in carrying. I spent a good hour explaining things to my buddy who isn’t a gun person, with the admonition that there’s a lot to still learn.
  7. Hertervillian

    What Guns Do Your Kids Like?

    In a word .22’s. Anything center fire was too loud and muzzle blast wasn’t a hit either. Now they certainly liked the “gangsta” look of the SIG‘s and a few hero pics were always appreciated. My grandkid is ate full up with hunting, trapping, fishing, but. He has so little interest in “hunting...
  8. Hertervillian

    What influenced you to purchase your first Springfield product?

    Wife liked it. One of the old school XD 9 sub compacts. It was the loaded chamber indicator that did it for her, was happy about the grip safety as well. She’s the price conscious shopper in the house so the price was a motivator.Had to have been 10-12 years ago now. Recently picked up an Edge...