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  1. Greyfox2

    source for an EDC CCW holster for an XDS mod2 osp 3.3" 45acp. RH OWB

    I am looking for a source for an EDC holster for an XDS mod2 osp 3.3" 45acp. RH OWB. Bravo has stopped making them and I am having trouble finding a good source, any recommendations out there?
  2. Greyfox2

    Reliable red dot sight for EDC on an XDS mod2 osp 45acp

    I am considering purchasing an XDS mod2 45acp osp for EDC and I want to have a reliable red dot sight on it. I am concerned about how reliable the C/T 1500 is for EDC. What does the group think?
  3. Greyfox2

    Review: XD-S Mod.2 OSP 3.3″ .45 ACP

    I have an XDS mod2 3.3" 45acp. Would it be possible to purchase just an XDS mod2 3.3" 45acp ops slide with red dot sight that I could install on my handgun? Thank you Brad
  4. Greyfox2

    Swampfox Sentinel Review: Your Next Hellcat Red Dot?

    Will slides for XDS Mod2 45acp 3.3" barrel ever be available modified for the swamp fox sight?