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    What is “California Compliant”?

    Great article and very unfortunate for California residents. When I first became an officer in a large urban police department in 1972, we were always outmatched by armed criminals. In fact, the bad guys had semi-automatic pistols while we were still carrying SW Model 10 revolvers. Comparatively...
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    Critical Defense or Federal HST?

    This has been my experience with the Hornady as well.
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    Critical Defense or Federal HST?

    I have used Hornady in the past but switched to Federal HST 124 grain. Overall, the HSTs appear to have more consistent expansion results based on the Lucky Gunner's evaluation reports. Of course, making an accurate shot is the most important factor...
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    Your Best Home Defense Gun?

    Your article was excellent! It provided good-common sense information for people concerned with acquiring a home defense firearm that fits their own unique and particular needs.
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    Who is going to SHOT Show?

    Thank you!
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    Who is going to SHOT Show?

    I missed this. When and where is SHOT show being held this year?
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    How often to the range and how many rounds?

    Every weekend under normal circumstances, but sometimes during the week if time permits. On the weekend my wife and I will shoot between 650-750 rounds. We have two ranges we frequent. One for target practice and one for tactical training and simulations (carjackings, home invasions, etc.)
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    Basic Two-Handed Shooting Stances

    The correct stance is very situational in terms of an immediate threat you might face. In my experience, threats may emerge so quickly that you really only have time to point and shoot. So, I think you should train with the stance that supports your ability to be the most accurate with the...