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    Hornady gets PMS

    Sorry for no link or pic! Hornady (050078) will be my next purchase and best/faster way too sort! If looking too purchase MidSouth Shooters so far is the cheapest (product only) and Amazon is 1 of the highest. Check out the product video also.

    Post corrections on class4

    I had posted the class4 on manufacturing of ammo. Wrong it is Class6 as in wanting to manufacture ammo for firearms.. Reloading is a passion and 1 say like to be able to produce ammo per not in general, but for you and your specific firearm. I have the land and will be able too test all...

    For those who reload and select by b.c.

    I have noticed that the same projectile has a lower b.c. especially noted when a new bullet being same caliber and weight(close to) gets released. Is it marketing or faulty equipment? Example: Noslers ab-lr line has lost their b.c.. A 6.5mm 142ab-lr has dropped from .719 down to .625...


    I've been comparing the difference between Greenhill and Miller's and will have too go with Miller on this one. Your combination of bullet, velocity and twist rate might not be what and where you need it? Reloading or factory and possibly not stabilized? Miller's adds bmap, altitude and...


    Do you know state history and how the state was named and what it means? Other than Texas (Tejas) meaning friend or ally. I guess that's better the Tonto or Kemosabe as for the Apache and Mexican/Spanish translation of stupid and idiot!


    Pistol or rifle makes no difference! Do you use them and your purpose for the type? I'm a big believer in them for any and everything. 99% of what I killed are with fmj, except birds. The 6.5cal is 1 of the most cartridge varieties I have (6.5gren, 6.5cm, 260rem and 264wm) and now added...

    electronic vs non

    Just want too hear/read peeps views on each types of hearing protection. Your pros and cons if any?

    1791 has arrived

    I'll start with the belt. It's about .200"+ thick and stiff right now. The test of time will tell!

    Watch and you'll see!

    I figured this is more survival than a lounge post.https://www.wideopenspaces.com/6-times-hog-hunting-went-horribly-wrong/
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    Short read

    My son in the 8th grade has been reading "Chasing Lincoln's Killer" by James L. Swanson. Just over 200 pages and has been interesting! Anyone else have any good reads? Historical natured ones!
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    Special Forces

    For those who have served from '66 thru '68 in Vietnam. A friend of mine was in service during that time and was in the 5th SF a 6 man group. Do any of you know of them or know of anyone in that group?
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    XDM compatibilities

    1. Is it possible too switch the upper of the same cartridge (10mm) from the xdm to an elite? 2. Can you even buy a complete upper? 3. 10mm should be all over this 1?
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    Have a blast with these

    LMFAO when I saw this! Forget Depends!
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    How hottttttt OR?

    Do you reload fire breathers at max data and beyond, well according too your handbook? You work your way up to max and see no signs of over pressure what are you going too do? I try too use Quickload for some kind of reference, but I find no correlation between the 2? The max data seems...
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    If you had a chance too apply your orders for a day (24 hours), what would it be? No novels, just short stories! :giggle: Would you go first or last?
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    Forget the cost, but if you could only buy 1 of each what would be your pics? I don't have much of a selection of different manufacturers, so decision on what I would choose is a small range!
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    Bar-Sto barrels

    Does anyone have any knowledge on their performance or have purchased 1 before? They have a 357sig conversion for the 5.25" xdm + other options in the same platform.
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    https://taskandpurpose.com/military-tech/army-next-generation-squad-weapon-suppressors Check below the read for other military tech and fun!
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    Illinois question?

    I have heard the 2 walmart workers in Illinois died fron vovid19 March 29, 2020! Has anyone else heard about this? Trying too check fact of fiction!
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    300BO and all your answers......well most of them

    SMSgtRod and I seem too have a wealth of knowledge on the subject! Ask and you shall receive! From powders, bullets, crimping and primer selection. Some of our beliefs might not be the same, but you can decide on your load. I have 2 Aero Precision 8.5" 1/8 twist barrels and 1 16" barrel...