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    The General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark Fighter Bomber

    They also had a bunch at Cannon AFB in the early 80’s. Don’t know what variant they were…
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    I am an Old Fart

    Substitute an M14 and I’m included…
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    Supportive Wife, Significant Other

    USMC, you are a lucky man! Life is much easier when you have massive support from those around you. I am also blessed in the same way and I count my lucky stars… Cheers-Gofer
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    A-6 Intruder: The Iron Tadpole

    Great airplane that was singular in its ability to fight at night and in bad weather. Carried a great bomb load also. Minor note—the A6 was known as the Ugly, while the EA6B was the Double Ugly. I knew guys who flew both.
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    McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II - Proof a Brick Can Fly?

    F4 was probably the coolest looking aircraft ever. It looks like it wants to bite you…
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    Count your blessings and hug your loved ones ….

    Wow! Glad to hear she is ok.
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    Concealed body armor?!:

    If I had to wear it for my job, I would seriously consider getting another job. If you are locked into it for some reason then there are no good alternatives. They are all hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Good luck with your decisions!
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    Concealed body armor?!:

    Any time I’ve needed body armor it has been provided to me by a kindly Uncle. If I thought I really needed it as a civilian I wouldn’t go out to wherever that was…
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    Flying the Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicopter

    Great article on a great airplane. It’s always interesting to read about different airframes.
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    Break down of the differences between all the Springfield 1911’s?

    If you have $1500 in the budget I’d look for a used TRP. Not too far from a new one really. Buy once and cry once…you won’t be disappointed in the gun. If you buy a cheap version you are rolling the dice on reliability. Some are fine, some aren’t… If you buy new from Springfield their customer...
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    New Springfield Armory Echelon Pistol

    Seems like they took the best of everything and combined them into one gun. The optics interchangeable system is a big winner. On the other hand a plastic gun just doesn’t interest me much.
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    Thunderbirds or Blue Angels ?

    Blue Angels by a mile…the thunderbirds show was very tame by comparison. Know in naval aviation as the Thunderchickens. (I could be slightly prejudiced 😜)
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    1911 DS prodigy 4.25” issues/solutions

    I resolved it by buying a staccato…
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    Concealed Carry in a Fanny Pack — Good CCW Idea or Not?

    I used to use one a lot in the 90’s when they were common. Works great when it is really hot outside and you can’t wear jackets or layers of clothing
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    A fun day on the water.

    I’ve seen bite dogs in action twice. Not a pretty sight.
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    Tour De France

    Very interesting series on Netflix now about the 2022 Tour de France. It looked brutal!
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    WOW, Any guesses?

    45 Prodigy
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    Douglas A-1 Skyraider: Spads and Sandys in Vietnam

    Fantastic aircraft for the mission. In a low threat environment it was the perfect answer for air support because of its loiter time and huge ordnance capability. It took an incredibly brave pilot to fly them in a high threat arena that included 23mm AA. My hat is off to those guys!
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    Do you carry a revolver

    Once I was authorized to carry an auto I never touched my revolver again.
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    The Day After D-Day

    Congratulations. Your planned celebration sounds awfully familiar…