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  1. Blackmesa96

    It Was Not Unexpected, Guns & Ammo Tax

    Unconstitutional. Likely to be struck down, but they will continue to look for ways to subvert the rights of the citizens. After all, it's about control of the citizens and that damned Constitution keeps getting in their way. They will continue to try to make an end run around the restrictions...
  2. Blackmesa96

    What should brand new shooter buy to cover CCW and Home defense?

    I would suggest using the carry gun for home defense, especially if there are budget constraints. 9mm is one of the most reasonable calibers to shoot and also has the added advantage of not screaming through walls like a rifle round (a fact my wife empirically proved by mistake one morning). A...
  3. Blackmesa96

    Biden To Announce New Federal Office For Gun Violence Prevention

    No potential for abuse or unconstitutional policies here. Move along...
  4. Blackmesa96

    You gotta be kiddin'?

    Certainly there are always going to be some people who want to exploit an ambiguous section of the law. It comes down to the fact that that individual should be held liable for their actions. Anytime the 2A community agrees to any restrictions on freedom it opens a Pandora's box the anti-gun...
  5. Blackmesa96

    You gotta be kiddin'?

    But an individual doesn't need a license to do so. Biden and his minions would restrict the activity of a private individual not engaged in an ongoing series of sales. That is a dramatic difference.
  6. Blackmesa96

    You gotta be kiddin'?

    The challenge here is to define what constitutes a business. In the opinion of many, one is involved in a business should they hope to realize a substantive profit from ongoing activity, not a single transaction. By extension, if we apply your logic, wouldn't it be in our best interests to...
  7. Blackmesa96

    New Mexico governor amends gun order to allow for firearms in most public places

    While she obviously needs to review how government works, she absolutely needs to be removed from office. Anyone who is either that ignorant or so calloused in their opinion of the rule of law has no business holding public office. The citizens of NM should demand her immediate resignation. If...
  8. Blackmesa96

    Do You Understand What Reasonable Force Really Is?

    We live in a world where "replay officials" have unlimited hours and reviews to critique a decision made in a second. They don't have a point of reference (i.e. having been in that situation before themselves) but after days and weeks of deliberation are able to conclude that the reaction of the...
  9. Blackmesa96

    New Mexico Governor Suspends Gun Rights

    Fascists do what fascists do. The governor appears to have ambitions of a higher place in the Democrat party. NM, you need to recall her now, not wait for the next election. Serve notice this will NOT be tolerated.
  10. Blackmesa96

    UPDATE: Liberty Safe Betrayal? Company Owned By Firm That Donates to Anti-Gun Candidates

    My LGS also is a Liberty dealer. Lucky them, they have ponied up the exorbitant fee to have a booth at the State Fair! When I asked one of the guys there if Liberty had agreed to cover a portion of their expenses, he told me that a rep was there to answer questions regarding this. Essentially...
  11. Blackmesa96

    Ever seen this? Possible cause? .22 LR failure

    Thanks. While I first thought to blame the ammo, I was thinking that the way the case ruptured was suspect. Plan is to contact Walther and have them look at the pistol. As the slide didn't cycle, the pressure was contained in the pistol and I want to have someone who knows this gun give it a...
  12. Blackmesa96

    Ever seen this? Possible cause? .22 LR failure

    Previous round had discharged and ejected, no evidence to indicate a double feed. Wasn't doing any sort of rapid firing. This event happened when the trigger was pulled on this round.
  13. Blackmesa96

    California Legislators Approve New Gun And Ammo Tax

    It appears obvious that nothing is off the table when it comes to the desires of the Marxist left to disarm the populace so they can advance their tyrannical dreams.
  14. Blackmesa96

    Ever seen this? Possible cause? .22 LR failure

    Shooting my Walther Colt 1911 .22LR. Last round out of magazine, case split directly above the rim and squib resulted. Armscor, I believe. My first thought was a failure of the brass, but on further consideration I wonder if the round wasn't fully seated in the chamber. I could see a cockeyed...
  15. Blackmesa96

    California Legislators Approve New Gun And Ammo Tax

    Anyone want to bet that scarcely any of this extortion will actually go toward "school safety"? More likely be used to line the pockets of the teachers' unions and fund more pedophile indoctrination projects.
  16. Blackmesa96

    Is liberty safe with Liberty Safe?

    You may also wish to read Brave New World again, too. Like Orwell, Huxley seemed to have an idea where things may head.
  17. Blackmesa96

    Is liberty safe with Liberty Safe?

    Doubtless you also understand how subpoenas work, as well. When issued to an ally of the Democrat party they are ignored and stonewalled. It's not the legal process people have problems with, it the politics and dual system of justice. This is just another example of the abuse of power the...
  18. Blackmesa96

    Why This Forum?

  19. Blackmesa96

    Is liberty safe with Liberty Safe?

    The admin code was what I figured Liberty gave them. Which likely means the government now has it for all Liberty safes. But then again, shouldn't it be NOYFBCB (none of your f***ing business commie b***ard)?
  20. Blackmesa96

    Take me Out at the Ball Game ….

    This is the press release I saw regarding the incident. It reads as though two people were shot. The fact that one or more unfired projectiles were recovered on site isn't relevant to the situation discussed, nor can the fact there were unfired projectiles found prove it to be a hoax. Given the...