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    Installation Problem: Shield RMSc Mini on a Hellcat Pro

    I had the same problem with my hellcat osp. Even sent the slide and optic to Springfield. Turns out it just needed more elbow grease to get the optic on. They're a very tight fit.
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    Top Springfield Hellcat Holsters

    Give Hidden Hybrid Holsters a try - you won't be sorry. They have OWB, IWB+OWB, appendix, and small-of-back holsters for every version of the hellcat and pro. I have a few of their holsters for both appendix and IWB+OWB and the build quality makes Crossbreed look pathetic...
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    Hellcat slide

    They just just make them all optics-ready and if you don't want an optic just don't install one and leave the plate on. Seems like that would lower production cost if they only have to make one pattern.
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    Hyve mag extension with 15rd Hellcat mag

    Exactly. I don't even care about increasing the capacity, I just don't like the factory plastic bases.
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    Hyve mag extension with 15rd Hellcat mag

    I'd love to know the answer to this as well. I've even emailed Hyve and they were no help - they said they've never tried that combo.
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    Smart guns are dumb..

    Not to mention the literally hundreds of tons of materials that have to be mined just to make one battery. Electric cars don't reduce pollution, they just move the immediately visible part of it to third world countries where the environmental regulations are lax (or nonexistent).
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    Top 5 Hellcat Red Dot Optics

    You have to assume the Shield sights will need the zero corrected because you have to remove them from the slide to change the battery. Maybe you'll get lucky and yours will return to zero, but you'll need to verify that.
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    Problem seating RMSc on Hellcat OSP

    The replacement was the same. Turns out it just required more force than I wanted to apply.
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    Hellcat Optics

    The Swampfox Sentinel will mount directly on the hellcat, but it blocks about 60-70% of the irons. They're still usable, but I found it much more difficult.
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    Hellcat Pro Optic help/suggestions

    Shield makes a version with a metal body - the RMSc is the metal version of the SMSc.
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    Hellcat Trigger

    I had the same lock-up problem with my stock trigger. I replaced it with the Apex trigger and that solved the problem.
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    Hellcat Osp Holster

    It's this one: https://hiddenhybridholsters.com/collections/single-clip-holsters/products/springfield-armory-hellcat-appendix-carry-strong-side-single-clip
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    Hellcat Osp Holster

    No, I have the claw as well. I'm talking about a wedge on the back of the holster that tilts the entire grip in toward the body. Or another way to think about it is that it tilts the muzzle away from the body. It helps to keep the grip tucked in close and reduces printing. Mine's just the...
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    Hellcat Osp Holster

    Looks familiar :). The only thing I'll fault Hidden Hybrid Holsters on is that they don't offer a wedge option for their appendix holsters (or they didn't when I bought mine). I ended up making one for myself using heavy duty velcro tape and the heel-end of a gel shoe insert. The velcro tape...
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    First Look: Springfield Armory’s 5.56mm Hellion Bullpup

    MAC just put out a video yesterday that covers this a little.
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    Hellcat Osp Holster

    Just got a promo email from them - use the code CHOCOLATE10 when you check out to get 10% off now through Feb 14th.
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    Hellcat Osp Holster

    Hidden Hybrid Holsters is your answer. The build quality is excellent. Appendix carry Strong side IWB and OWB
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    Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System Review

    I have that system and unless they've made major updates to the app it's complete garbage. Totally worthless under any form of indoor lighting because the app will continually register many false hits as soon as you activate it. By that I mean several hits per second. Just my humble opinion...
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    Review: Mantis Blackbeard AR Dry-Fire Training System

    Or maybe Mantis just makes good products? I got a Blackbeard in the mail this week and it works exactly as advertised, and the same goes for the other products I own from Mantis.
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    Holster ideas

    Hiddenhybridholsters.com. Best holsters I've found yet.