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    Manual Safety or Not: Too Dangerous To Carry?

    I've also come to a renewed appreciation for manual safeties. The grip safety on the XDM 10 definitely helped me rethink things.
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    Review: XD-M Elite 4.5" OSP 10mm

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    Dry-Fire Practice Tips

    I'd get the X3. It'd be a shame if you did all of that dry fire practice only to not get it fully translated to live fire.
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    LE Lessons for the Armed Citizen: Do You Know the 10 Deadly Errors?

    I good way to get beyond Tombstone Courage is to play paintball...not the woods-ball variety, but the crucible of X-Ball, tournament paintball. And in a fun way you'll learn: 1) I'm not invulnerable an 2) how to make "optimal use of cover". Among other gunfighter virtues.
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    One-Man Room Clearing: Sound Tactic or Suicidal Move?

    My wife and I once returned home from a weeklong trip to find our front door wide open. I chose to clear the house myself while my wife remained in the car ready to call 911. My main reason, besides just the energized fun-factor, was that I didn't want to introduce armed police into a situation...
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    Thin Red Line Wear Medic Bags

    Emergency trauma kits are more important than a firearm. In my experience they are far more likely to actually be used. I've been on the scene of three vehicle accidents with trauma victims and in one case the EMT's were 45 minutes away. I've come to prefer a tourniquet and stop the bleed kit...
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    Review: XD-M Elite 4.5" OSP 10mm

    Most factory 10mm loadings are like 40+P with full power 10mm cartridges getting a bit more interesting. And then put all of those centerfire cartridges in perspective given that Bella Twin smoked a world record griz with her POS 22 rifle. https://www.ambgun.com/ambidextral-pistol/springfield
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    Bipods 101: Everything You Need To Know

    For out in the field use and from field positions, I've always been a bit skeptical about bipods. It seems to me that they introduce the variation of terrain texture into the rifle's recoil dynamics. I either use a sling as a shooter's aid or my pack. However, we did add a MagPul to a...
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    First Look: Springfield Armory’s 5.56mm Hellion Bullpup

    AmbGun is a huge fan of ambidextrous bullpup rifles and I hope to do a series of videos on the Hellion. I created an AmbGun page dedicated to the rifle with an embedded proposed video list that is open to comments...just reply here. https://www.ambgun.com/ambidextral-rifle/hellion
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    Understanding the Hellcat U-Dot Sights

    Easy hypothesis to test. Use a training laser, get the dot zeroed so that your laser's point of impact matches your dot. Now move your eye's alignment with the optic so that the dot is in the upper left corner of the optic's glass...Fire a shot...the laser's point of impact will be on. Move...
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    Review: XD-M Elite 4.5" OSP 10mm

    Will that barrel or the barrel/slide combo fit on the XDM Elite Compact?
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    Review: XD-M Elite 4.5" OSP 10mm

    "....This is a great tactical feature that supports shooting from either hand around cover and concealment." 🥰 And once fully ambi, ponder why you should carry and initially present left handed.
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    Understanding the Hellcat U-Dot Sights

    I do like the U-Dot sights. Like them on the Cats and am enjoying them now on the XDM Elite Compact 10mm. The XDM has the rear U-Dot but a fiber optic front. When the lighting is right, I really like the fiber optic front sight. But when that fiber isn't lit, I'm wishing for tritium. Why fiber...
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    Understanding the Hellcat U-Dot Sights

    The red dot is generally going to be well above your iron sights. Only by raising the pistol so that the dot is in the lower part of the optic's glass will it then be sitting right atop the front sight. To be fast with a red dot, you don't want to complicate things by trying to line up the irons...
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    Infernos, Ankle Monitors and Why You Need an Emergency Radio

    Good article on the non-HAM side of communications. I got my HAM license a year ago, installed a mobile HAM radio on my motorcoach and picked up a few handhelds. I still don't know what I'm doing so I maintain a collection of resources on communications and have added this article to the list...
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    Springfield Armory’s FIRSTLINE: Discount Program for First Responders

    Love that area. We often winter near Palestine. Love the mountain biking trails in Tyler.
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    AmbGun Test Protocol: XDM Elite Compact 10mm

    AmbGun Test Protocol: Springfield Armory XDM Elite Compact 10 and "The Chest Rig" by Crossbreed Holsters When testing a firearm I start off with manual of arms practice and lots of dry firing using the MantisX10 Elite paired with a training laser. In the case of this Springfield Armory XDM...
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    Hellcat Pro Awarded Esteemed Law Enforcement Endorsement

    I agree with Conax. The RDP is the more versatile. Add a 15 round mag and you basically have the same grip length as the Hellcat Pro. Remove the comp, load an 11 round mag and you have something awfully close to the original Hellcat for deep concealment. Run a 13 round mag for something in between.
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    SAINT Edge ATC Elite vs. AR Accurized Match — How Did It Do?

    Very cool experience beautifully captured in the video. You should take that Saint to a Project Appleseed event to earn your "Rifleman" patch. That'd be a cool experience to capture on video, too. www.appleseedinfo.org
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    Plate Carrier Set-Up 101: Duty vs. Civilian

    Informative article. If I had to choose between being fully ambidextrous and body armor, I'd choose ambi. A skill is always with me, the plate is often in the closet at home...or in the trunk of your LEO cruiser. Not sure how well it translates to firearms, but in tournament/xball paintball...