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  1. Chuck B

    M1A 4th Gen Steel Scope Mount

  2. Chuck B

    M1A 4th Gen Steel Scope Mount

    maybe "youtube" would be a better place................
  3. Chuck B

    M1A 4th Gen Steel Scope Mount

    The steel mount is discussed, if one pays attention
  4. Chuck B

    M1A 4th Gen Steel Scope Mount

    this should be a good start.............. https://www.thearmorylife.com/m1a-scope-mounting-guide/
  5. Chuck B

    MY mom/pop LGS just told me

  6. Chuck B

    DAKA® Hard Case, R44

    I have the Pelican V800, and it is currently set up for an M1A w/scope, as well as an AR15 w/scope. Also I have two 20 rd mags for the M1A and two 30 rd mags for the AR and a bipod, all nestled inside. I see magpul sells a grid organizer kit for this pelican, but judging by the pictures, I might...
  7. Chuck B

    Wat does "low capacity" mean?

    "(2) 10-ROUND MAGAZINES The low capacity Hellcat RDP w/ Manual Safety ships with two 10-round magazines for those who reside in states with capacity restrictions." this was copied directly from the "overview" on the Hellcat page.................
  8. Chuck B

    To dot, or not to dot, that is the question.

    my thought is........... You are the only one that can make that decision, if you try it, and it works, there you go, if it doesn't, then it doesn't. simply put, you won't know, unless you try
  9. Chuck B

    Garrison sight removal PITA.

    I just looked at both of my Garrison's, the sights were installed right to left.
  10. Chuck B

    Stepped on it a broke it

    It is a nice change of pace, for the discussions on here!!!!!! :D:D:D:sleep:
  11. Chuck B

    M1A scope mount

    I've got the SA steel mount, and mine was able to zero at 100 with no problem...........
  12. Chuck B

    Loose M1A bipod?

    I inserted an allen wrench in the "thumbscrew" that locks the cant. not the clearest picture, but you can see the "T" that you snug down. (NO wrench needed)
  13. Chuck B

    Cleaning Your BCG: Keep Your AR Running

    Surely you Jest.................................. :D
  14. Chuck B

    Loose M1A bipod?

    M14/M1A Bipod Adapter: $36.55 GGG-1243 that'll get you there!!!! you replace the front sling mount PS the cant locks down solid, if you desire
  15. Chuck B

    Loose M1A bipod?

    HEAVY DUTY XDS BIPOD $225.50 https://www.gggaz.com/?subcats=Y&pcode_from_q=Y&pshort=N&pfull=N&pname=Y&pkeywords=Y&search_performed=Y&search_id=&pshort=N&pfull=N&pname=N&pkeywords=N&pcode=Y&match=all&q=m1a+bipod&dispatch=products.search&security_hash=cb1692bf49a31efe4a05dc64c1214d9e
  16. Chuck B

    Did You Know the Mil-Spec Could Do This?

    I enjoyed reading your article, even though I have no need to try things as you did. It was interesting.
  17. Chuck B

    Did You Know the Mil-Spec Could Do This?

    "why are you here in the first place?".....................................
  18. Chuck B

    Did You Know the Mil-Spec Could Do This?

    sooooooooooo we get the fact that you are a huge fanboy of RH, whoopeeeeeeeeeeee
  19. Chuck B

    Did You Know the Mil-Spec Could Do This?

    “If you can’t say something nice…don’t say anything at all.” this is why I only 🤣 'd
  20. Chuck B

    Alec Baldwin charged...!!

    The bowl is full, time to flush this thread!