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  1. PAGunGuy

    coffee cups, you have a favorite one or two, or more..??

    Never had an issue with the cup letting my coffee get cold As far as the 2nd, I dunno, the only thig I have seen is that they simply said they weren't in a business relationship with Rittenhouse. Maybe they should have stayed silent, but they didn't exactly come out and criticize the 2nd...
  2. PAGunGuy

    coffee cups, you have a favorite one or two, or more..??

    This one? It's actually the one I am using this morning
  3. PAGunGuy

    German sports 22lr

    I have a 1911. Very fun gun. One of favorites. I actually use it to do practical pistol competitions Keep it clean and run good ammo through it and you'll love it
  4. PAGunGuy

    1911 you gotto have one

    Thank yo Thank you, I wasn't ware of that
  5. PAGunGuy

    Suggestions Wanted for 1911 Replacement Grips

    Well, if it makes you feel better, I didn't even know about these. I was asking about grips in a Facebook group, and someone recommended these. And they were only $20 so I figured I would try them. I really just wanted something with better grip. I actually don't have a problem with size, I...
  6. PAGunGuy

    Suggestions Wanted for 1911 Replacement Grips

    I went with Magpul. Don't know they are considered slim, but they certainly aren't bigger. They have the wide scoop and were only $20. And they come in a few different colors https://magpul.com/firearm-accessories/grips/1911.html
  7. PAGunGuy

    1911 you gotto have one

    Thanks. I'll check that out
  8. PAGunGuy

    1911 you gotto have one

    Years ago I bought a SG 191-22. I have always liked 1911s but couldn't afford a "real one." I hada Ruger SR22 that I sold to aguy who really liked it so I used that for the GSG. I absolutely love it. It can be finnicky on ammo, but it's just a range toy. Absolutely so much fun to shoot, and...
  9. PAGunGuy

    New Mexico Governor Suspends Gun Rights

    https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/albuquerque-bernalillo-county-officials-wont-enforce-gov-grishams-carry-ban-open-carry-rally-scheduled-for-this-afternoon/ Albuquerque, Bernalillo County Officials Won’t Enforce Gov. Grisham’s Carry Ban Support isn’t exactly flooding in for New Mexico Governor...
  10. PAGunGuy

    Springfield 1911

    I have the Kimber Custom 2 (essentially the same as the Ronin) bought during the height of Covid, couldn't find a Ronin in stock. I love it...but I have found as much as I love how it looks, and it's very accurate, It's not the best for shooting, grip wise. The wood grips look great, but for no...
  11. PAGunGuy

    Americans Purchased These Firearms The Most In 2022

    Pleasantly surprised to see so few Glocks :D
  12. PAGunGuy

    Open Carry consequences?

    Agreed. My state, signage has no force of law. But when we went to Ohio a few years ago, I noticed that there signs did. At that time, they didn't have reciprocity with my state, so it didn't matter, I wasn't carrying. But I did see the signs everywhere
  13. PAGunGuy

    Open Carry consequences?

    Perhaps it's semantics, but I make a huge distinction between property rights of a homeowner than the rights of a business that's open to the public.
  14. PAGunGuy

    9mm 2011?

    Looks awesome, I am not famiilr with that one. I'll have to chedk it out. I love 1911s and want a double stacked one Technically, there is a difference between a double stack 1911 and a 2011, but most just call all double stack 1911s a 2011. But the 2011 was a specific gun created by STI and...
  15. PAGunGuy

    Hi-Point C9 9mm Handgun — Utilitarian, Not Useless

    My first gun ever was a Hi Point C9. Never gave me any issues. Honestly, if it wasn't for that gun, I probably wouldn't be the gun guy I am today. I did my research before buying it. I knew it was ugly and heavy and people hated it but I also knew it would work. Owned it and carried it for a few...
  16. PAGunGuy

    Taurus and gun control

    Because of costs. They sell becuase they are cheap. A redisgn would cost money, thus rasigin the cost of the gun.
  17. PAGunGuy

    What influenced you to purchase your first Springfield product?

    I was looking for a 4icnhes-ish 9MM carry gun. Something the size of a Glock 19 ish or 17. Maybe 5 inch? I went to Field and Stream shortly after they and Dicks went all anti-gun. Wasn't planning on nbying, was going to handle some, then order online. The previous night I actually almost...
  18. PAGunGuy

    Post Shot Show 2023: What's your pick for the Favorite/Most Interesting New Gun?

    The Hi Point JXP10. A 10MM for just over $200. Yes please.
  19. PAGunGuy

    Daughter range day

    That stinks, but I understand. I'm thankful my state isn't like that. Well, we don't have campus carry, but my daguhter isn't in college so that doesn't matter. Either way, looks like yours is a good shot and it's awesome you two shoot together.
  20. PAGunGuy

    Daughter range day

    Gotta be state. Federal law allows it. In PA, a parent can fight their 18 to 20 year old a handgun