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    Welcome Message

    I’m just glad to be here. I have worn out my welcome on some forums, so I had to scram.😂
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    You don't have to put on the Red Light.......You know the rest

    Is there a Seymour Butts there?
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    SCOTUS vacates ruling that upheld Massachusetts gun control law

    It sounds like the Supreme Court slapped the lower court, up the side of its head. God, I love living in these times, it’s so refreshing and invigorating. This sort of thing never happened in the 1970’s.
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    Daffy Zone…..

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    Daffy Zone…..

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    Carrying Full-Size Handguns

    That’s a good looking gun and holster.
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    Daffy Zone…..

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    Daffy Zone…..

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    Daffy Zone…..

    It’s hard to mess up the looks of a pretty redhead. But she managed to do it.
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    Daffy Zone…..

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    Post your Saturday night jams ... or your fav music ...

    Van Morrison had some great songs.
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    Type 14 Nambu: Pacific War’s Most Coveted War Souvenir?

    A neighbor of mine had a Nambu, he was an old man, and he really liked the gun. He let me handle it, but I am a hard corps 1911 type, so I didn’t care for it that much.
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    Considerations for the Defensive Shotgun

    I recently got a Remington M870 12 gauge riot gun, with a few boxes of 00 buckshot. With all of the shenanigans going on with Antifa, I wanted to real firepower, just in case.
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    Post your Saturday night jams ... or your fav music ...

    She was one of the first singers that I paid any attention to, and I think that I had that album.
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    Post your Saturday night jams ... or your fav music ...

    They were great together, and I miss them.
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    Picked Up The Beretta 84

    You made a good choice, and I would say that it would be hard to improve upon having the Beretta M84, as a general use pistol.
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    What the U.S. Supreme Court Bruen Decision Will Mean for America

    New York doesn’t care what the Supreme Court decides, and they are going to gut the Supreme Court decision. And there are a majority of New Yorkers who want it that way. That is a state full of losers IMO. Western NY is almost certainly a better place, than the Eastern part, but NYC wags the...
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    Carrying Full-Size Handguns

    That’s about the way that I dress, and I could probably carry a Model 29, and have it disappear.
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    14 confirmed dead in Texas school shooting

    It’s on Yahoo News too, and the live comments are coming in, hot and heavy. So here is another example of a maniac at work. There is an endless supply of them these days. Note: * Gov. Abbott also said the shooter reportedly killed his grandmother before entering the school.