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    The Irony

    While what happened is terrible and I dont wish that on anyone, Baldwin advocates against gun owners and the right to own guns, but still makes a very large living making movies with guns. Go figure. He should be prosecuted. He was in control of the firearm. God Bless the families.
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    Review: Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact OSP 10mm

    I held one yesterday and didnt like it. I need a full size grip. SA please make a 10 mm 5.25 OSP.. PLEASE???
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    PSA to the Rescue!!!

    My main firearms are Saint 5.56 VIctor 308 XDm 9 and 40 4.25 inch XDm 10 5.25 inch Carry the 40 S&W 2.0 shield compact. Carry the 10mm when hiking and hunting.
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    PSA to the Rescue!!!

    Thank you for the info. All helps. I think that they both should be the same size when manufactured? As far as cases go. I will let my 18yo shoot the Stag with them. See what happens.
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    PSA to the Rescue!!!

    I found a place in Portland that make a plate and I bought it. Replaces rear site. Just cant get it to sight in. Now looking for a total new slide that is OSP ready. I am sure someone makes it. Springfield?? Can you hear me?? lol
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    PSA to the Rescue!!!

    New guy here. No where near an expert. Just saying. I bought 1K of those for my saint 5.56. Couldn't even get thru 100 rounds before they started jamming my saint. Never again. We fought thru 300 rounds before giving up. I will run them thru my Stag. I am left handed. Cheap gun. Cheap ammo...