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    Is It Me . . . Or Is IT The Software?

  2. OkiePewPew

    Is It Me . . . Or Is IT The Software?

    Hit this button and it will unlock the action bar.
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    CA Fed judge rules again mag ban, again.

    Floridas ccw requires proficiency but it’s at like 15y, not timed, and not scored. It’s based on the instructors observation.
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    Saint Victor Chambering

    It’s definitely a 🐓 vs 🥚 situation.
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    New Prodigy 17 Round Mag Issues

    Did you disassemble the mag and reassemble? I had a factory P365 mag with an upside down spring.
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    Where Do You Keep Your Home Defense Gun at Night?

    What kind of cameras?
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    If you are from Florida, you know....

    Yep Cat 4 likely. If it turns east we’re in for some violent weather here on the east coast. If it stays on track it could still swamp Tampa without ever hitting there.
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    Fargo Police Bodycam Shows Cops Put Down Man Who Shot 3 Cops, Killing 1 [VIDEO]

    PSA for capacity and carrying an extra mag. That guy was determined to get the AK back up.
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    XD9 4" or XD9 sub compact

    I found the subcompact to be too small for my liking. I carried it for several years before upgrading to an XDM Compact (3.8"). I think the XD 9 4" would be fine for concealed carry. The barrel length is low on the list of what makes a good concealed carry. I'd strongly suggest calling around...
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    Mounting a Trjicon RMR on the Echelon

    Interesting question. I believe the proper screw size is listed in the manual along with instructions of which VIS positions/lugs to use. But the sealing plate...hmm maybe @xdman knows? Or, you may have to call customer service as a last resort.
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    How To Deal With Cross-Dominance

    I never knew I shot Quell stance lol. L eye dominate, R handed and this is just my natural stance.
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    Here we go 🙄 Suspect in Biden threats killed in FBI raid

    Do stupid things, get stupid consequences. My comment is really more on the left’s upcoming use of this as political theater. Not calling red flag or anything, the dude probably got what was coming, it’s just textbook as a call to arms (no pun intended) for the left...
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    XD-S 4.0 Discontinued?

    Yes, it was discontinued.
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    More troubles ahead?

    SCOTUS is gonna slap this down so hard...pure politics.
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    FPC Pistol Brace Lawsuit Yielding Positive Results

    Now we have to wait for the appeal or another district to rule in opposition to get it to SCOTUS and apply to us all. Great step forward.
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    XD 9 help needed

  17. OkiePewPew

    Echelon first impressions

    Absolutely no transactions on the forum. Tongue in cheek or not. ~Mod
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    Echelon first impressions

    I know a lot of people have already chimed in on the Echelon but I wanted to give my initial impressions. First, weight: Xdm Compact 9mm 28oz (my edc) XDM Elite 4.5” 9mm 31oz (for apples to apples comparison) Echelon 4.5” 9mm 24oz That is ½ pound lighter than the XDME and ¼...
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    Hi-Point 30 Super Carry

    This thread was locked as there was already a Hipoint 30 super thread.
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    30 Super Carry finally hits the bigtime

    The rail under the barrel is bent 🤣