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  1. Frank 2041

    U.S. Appeals Court Strikes Down Bump Stock Band

    I don't want a bump stock, or suppressor, or spring assist trigger, or bi pod, or Green (FDE) colored gun, etc. But i will defend your right to have that stuff. Because after the Anti-2As are done taking that stuff from you....they will come after something i do care about. ..Guaranteed....
  2. Frank 2041

    SA-35 Recoil spring.

    Thank you for that, i don't see where it says how many # it is.
  3. Frank 2041

    SA-35 Recoil spring.

    Does anybody know what the # is on the stock one ?
  4. Frank 2041

    Steel vs. Polymer Guide Rods

    Thanks.. I think i'm gonna try to install one in mine.. I have nothing to lose if i screw it up..lol.
  5. Frank 2041

    Parkerized finish care ?

    My new Range Officer is parkerized.. I love the look. Do i need to oil the finish, if so, what kind of oil ? There isn't anything in the manual that came with it on the subject.
  6. Frank 2041

    Steel vs. Polymer Guide Rods

    Does the Apex trigger in the SDVE go back and hit a wall..then break ? I'm no trigger snob, but i have one that has just been taking up space in the safe for yrs because the trigger sucks so bad.
  7. Frank 2041

    Black powder revolver question .

  8. Frank 2041

    Black powder revolver question .

    I picked up a Pietta 1861 Remington for cheap at the gun show a few weeks ago. Looking for the 44 cal lead balls now. I am seeing (.451/139 grain) and (.454/142 grain) both are called out as 44cal. Does anybody know which ones would be correct for my revolver ?
  9. Frank 2041

    Show off your 1911

    My new Range Officer...:) Took it with me to Easter breakfast at my F&G Club this morning and ran 50rnds thru it. Ran great, no issues at all. Very tight group at 20yrds.. I'm very happy with it..
  10. Frank 2041

    Why no Hellcat in .40

    To get 9mm to run close to a 40 it has to be 9mm +P, which costs considerably more than 40. I will still carry a 40, its the perfect balance between power and mag capacity. Funny how the 40 is declining in popularity, while the 40 Magnum (also known as 10mm)..is more popular than ever..?
  11. Frank 2041

    1911Addicts forum ???

    I'm a Member there, i have never posted anything. I just like to drool over the pics of Wilson Combats, and Nighthawks that i can't afford... There is a bit of gun snobbery.. They seem to tolerate the SA 1911s, but really bash the Kimber folks. And they have a very active classified section...
  12. Frank 2041

    Does anyone else try

    I don't OC, but support others who want to. I see it once in a while at my local stores, restaurants, etc. Nobody around here seems to care..
  13. Frank 2041

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody... :)
  14. Frank 2041


    It's my SR1911 filled with .45 hollowpoints in an Uncle Mikes vertical holster that brings a sense of calm and peace for me this time of year...:).
  15. Frank 2041

    Safe At Home

    It's funny sometimes... when the big dog looks at the little dog like.. "what are we barking at"...lol.
  16. Frank 2041

    Safe At Home

    LOl... Come to think of it.. I have to windex my front door glass about every other day. I think if i was a bad guy and seen the snot and slobber on there i would pick a different house..:oops:
  17. Frank 2041

    Safe At Home

    Same here. Theres nothing in my house worth dealing with an 80lb Boxer that dosn't do well with strangers. And a little 5lb rat dog that starts barking if a squirrel farts 2 blocks away. So the little dog will have the big dog all riled up for you before you even get here.. Anyways.. will...
  18. Frank 2041

    Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke is still at it

    Ever been to Austin ? I think California moved there.
  19. Frank 2041


    Did they ever find the guy ? With the amount of Security in and surrounding an airport i don't see how he could have just walked away.
  20. Frank 2041

    introducing…. My Garrison

    My 10mm is a Kimber Rapide.. And i love it. Only 300rnds thru it so far, but no issues at all, and very accurate. So i also considered a Custom ll two tone since they are just a little more than the Ronin. But it's a series 80, and has cast parts. My 1st 1911 is a SR1911, also a great gun. This...