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  1. APPilot

    Hellcat question

    Just picked up a used hellcat. Here is the question: is the recoil spring guide rod plastic? shot it. Loved it. Stripped it for cleaning and was surprised the plunger(not sure the nomenclature), the part that is exposed when you pull the slide back and is exposed, looks to be plastic. Is...
  2. APPilot

    Disappeared thread

    Thanks for your posting. Lots to chew on. enjoy your weekend!
  3. APPilot

    Disappeared thread

    According to the policy, any political topics must be 2A related only. So, is that why you pulled the thread? So, if we talked about how antifa, the riots, the funding of the riots was being financed by the CCP and George Soros (KNOWN OPPONENTS OF THE 2ND AMENDMENT) would that be ok? seems to...
  4. APPilot

    Disappeared thread

    Ok. Here’s the question directed at the moderators: if the thread is taken down, can we have a reason? Was it disrespectful? Was the content offensive? How was it offensive? The rules are very vague on exactly what is deemed offensive. I find “Cuties” absolutely offensive, but it’s on Netflix...
  5. APPilot

    Disappeared thread

    Ok. Wait. So, the section that says: of topic is limited to everything else except politics? where is the policy? Is there a written statement on this board that says: these topics are off limits? Because I don’t remember reading that and I’ve been here since day 1. moderators? You’ll need to...
  6. APPilot

    Disappeared thread

    When did political become verboten?
  7. APPilot

    Disappeared thread

    So, moderators why did the thread disappear? What offensive word was used? CCP? Or Soros?
  8. APPilot

    Disappeared thread

    Has anyone noticed that the thread about who’s funding the riots disappeared? Interesting don’t you think?
  9. APPilot

    Xds vs xde

    Got em both. Carry em both. Like them a ton. Only difference is the xde is 4.5 inch. Carry it in winter.
  10. APPilot


    What I use XD mod 2 Service and XDE 4.5 https://versacarry.com/
  11. APPilot

    Thoughts on the XD-E, future Mod.2 ??

    I carry both the XDE and the XD mod 2. Like em both, carry 70% mod 2 and 30% XDE. I would love the extra magazine capacity, and would probably flip the % if the put the hellcat mags in it. I just shoot the XDE better. If they build it, I’ll buy it!
  12. APPilot

    Be a “Good Witness” or possibly save a life?

    It’s interesting. You’d think that with the CCP virus things would be calmer. Ain’t the case. the amount of energy spent now on SA is greater than ever. Driving which can be harrowing has become just nuts. 7:00am driving home from work, watch out for the multiple cars going 90 and weaving in...
  13. APPilot

    Be a “Good Witness” or possibly save a life?

    Thank you for the reference. That wasn’t what I was referencing, but it is accurate. My child is 11. My friends are older and not inclined/able to throw themselves into the fray. It was not intended as a derogatory comment. It’s about mindset and ability. Shephard Sheepdog Sheep I am...
  14. APPilot

    XDE 4.5in cross draw holster?

    XDE 4.5in cross draw holster? Anyone know of one of these? Hoping to find one for driving. thanks!
  15. APPilot

    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    I love mine. Got them for my XDS, XDE and XD mod 2. All I really use.
  16. APPilot

    Hammer vs. Striker: Which Do You Need?

    Thanks y’all! Now I know I’m not nuts! Okay. Maybe that last part a bit of a stretch..........
  17. APPilot

    Hammer vs. Striker: Which Do You Need?

    I purchased the XDe 4.5 inch and I love it. Not comfortable carrying it though. Still getting the muscle memory down: draw, safety, loooonggg pull, reaquire, short pull. Used to the simplicity of the striker fire. I carry with one in the chamber (here’s the opportunity to tell me I’m nuts😜), and...
  18. APPilot


    Welcome! Enjoy! Great bunch of folks here!