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    I feel like I'm in New Mexico

    I am blessed living in Idaho but even here we are getting rumbles of bans, special permits, etc... But for the moment I can still walk in with my CCW and purchase a handgun and walk out.
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    Is the SA-35 Suited for Modern CCW? An Undercover Cop’s Perspective

    Started my LEO career with a Colt 1911 that had so much play in the bushing alone it sounded like it was falling apart every time you moved. Then a Beratta 96, then a Glock 23 and finally a Springfield 1911. My back up/vest gun was always a little .38 snubby Taurus my parents bought me (still...
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    First Look: Springfield 1911 DS Prodigy 9mm

    I do have the C2 and love it but the C is really nice for everyday carry -blessed with an employer who allows CCW and justs fits perfectly with the work I do. Completely unobtrusive.
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    First Look: Springfield 1911 DS Prodigy 9mm

    And now the Staccato C is discontinued - same day as the Prodigy came out.
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    Review: Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 for the SA-35

    Lol, the website does suck but I am fortunate that the Sparks office is 2 blocks from my office. Walk in and talk and the boys are great!!
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    1911 Loaded Marine Corp. Operator, CA Compliant

    First, move out of California (CA compliant, uggghhh). ;) Second, heck yeah its a good gun! Go big or go home (if you have the money) is my motto - and that is a SUHWeet 1911. Now just practice, practice, practice...1911 takes some training. Gotta remember to hit that safety! I have 4...
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    SimonRL Goes to the Range: The Prodigy Edition

    I have been seeing the same thing Keystone - lots of little issues that should not be happening with a 1600 gun. When I bought my Staccato (not saying they are perfect or anything, but...) it has not misfired, failed to feed or glitched once! That is what I, rightfully, expect for a 2000+ gun...
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    Guns of John Wayne Fame — The Original Cowboy Action

    Used to be a deputy in Oregon and one of the guys I worked with met John W as a young man in Nevada. Said it was one of the greatest memories he ever had - took an old Winchester Rifle and W autographed it for him and took a pic. Hung that rifle and photo in his house till the day he died.
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    Does your edc have a wml?

    My edc no (Springfield or Staccato C) but my nightstand/home defense yes (Polymer 80 PFC9 with light and optic). I find it uncomfortable to carry a light all day when I dont need it (work day shift - outside). Should probably get a Springfield Operator 5" with rail so my night stand and edc...
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    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    I LOVE that high gloss finish - one of my favorite things in the world. A 1911 with a high gloss finish! Gorgeous work of art and thank you for sharing!
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    Top 5 Garrison 1911 Holsters

    Dont own a one of them - the holsters, not 1911s. Still a huge Milt Sparks fan, like Alien Gear and also a fan of the Blackpoint Mini Tactical Wing. Seem like good holsters mentioned but think the author needs to widen his view - seems like a lot of better options just from the posts here.
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    Show off your 1911

    Staccato C Duo - single stack 9mm with 3.9" barrel.
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    Show off your 1911

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    Range Report: 264 rounds expended - not one glitch

    So, so, so wanting to pull the pin on a Nighthawk (Thunder Ranch Combat Special). Very jealous Neubs!
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    Does This Gun Prove That John Moses Browning Got the 1911 Wrong?

    AMEN BROTHER!! 45, 10mm, 40, 9mm, 38 Super are all amazing in a 1911 (and others).
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    Anyone carry a Mil-Spec 1911? If so let’s talk about the pros and cons

    I EDC a Springfield Garrison in .45 or my Staccato C in 9mm (just change up between the two depending on my mood). Biggest complaint for me on the Mil-Spec models - sights and beaver tail (I prefer the upswept model as opposed to the short Mil-Spec). Have a good holster (Milts Sparks Summer...
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    Best holster

    My EDC for my 5" 1911 is a Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 that I have loved for 25 years but I also have an Alien Gear that is super comfortable for IWB.
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    Very nice! LOVE mine - even more so than my loaded. Just like the simplicity of it with just the right amount of extras needed...now Springfield we need the Commander model Garrison!
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    Choosing a Concealed Carry Gun Belt — Ratchet Belts and Other Modern Solutions

    Wore a Daltech steel core for about a year and it just never really got comfortable - switch to a Hanks Gunner and been totally happy/in love with it!