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  1. Talyn

    What Is The Perfect AR-15 Barrel Length?

    As per the vid, there really is no perfect length. It all depends on what configuration you want, and that retaining velocity may be an important factor in your area. One thing that wasn't mentioned was that you can have a 14.5/14.7 inch barrel legally (non-NFA) but it "must" have a muzzle...
  2. Talyn

    9 Best Budget Home-Defense Shotguns

    With things in short-supply I see several LGSs & other vendors carrying more economical shotguns for customers. 9 Best Budget Home-Defense Shotguns
  3. Talyn

    Why It’s OK To Carry a Mouse Gun

    No, they’re not ideal, but… Why It’s OK To Carry a Mouse Gun
  4. Talyn

    Nosler M48 Long Range Carbon Rifle in .27 Nosler

    For those that like LR shots. Nosler M48 Long Range Carbon Rifle in .27 Nosler
  5. Talyn

    Hi-Power University

    for those Browning Hi-Power fans... Lots of good info here. Hi-Power University
  6. Talyn

    Be Bear Aware

    From MTFWP advice with the coming hunting season. Also, good advice for those without Griz, but black bears since the they're hungry and getting ready for winter hibernation. Be bear aware Grizzly bear populations are continuing to expand in western Montana, and though we often say that...
  7. Talyn

    First Look: SIG Sauer AXG Scorpion Handgun

    Just checked out one of these at my LGS. Sig Sauer AXG
  8. Talyn

    Japanese Type 99 Arisaka Rifle Review

    The Type 99 is considered an extremely strong bolt action. Type 99 Ariska Review
  9. Talyn

    Reloading the .32 Magnum -

    What to know... Reloading the .32 Magnum
  10. Talyn

    Ultimate Loaded Nachos

    Yum Yum #2 Ultimate Loaded Nachos
  11. Talyn

    Baked Buffalo Chicken Dip

  12. Talyn

    Wheelgun Wednesday: 5 Reasons....

    Why Revolvers are RAD, and why they should not be overlooked as outdated, too old, or not viable in the 21st century. 5 Reasons Why Revolvers are RAD
  13. Talyn

    NEW SIG M18X Pistol: US Military Peak Pistol Performance

    Saw one of these the other day at a LGS, as well as a limited edition aluminum-framed 320. SIG M18X Pistol
  14. Talyn

    Extended Magazines for Ruger 77/44 Series and Ruger Deerfield

    For Ruger's 77/44 & 44 mag Deerfield I.Q Munitions
  15. Talyn

    Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger Wrangler

    Sweet As a Plum Davidson's Wrangler
  16. Talyn

    TFB Review: SOTR – Ops-Core’s New Respirator

    Covid protection while shooting SOTR – Ops-Core’s New Respirator
  17. Talyn

    POTD: Coronavirus and the M2 Browning Machine Gun

    The good old Ma Duece. Properly masked M2
  18. Talyn

    9 Best Aftermarket Mods for Concealed Carry Pistols

    There are a litany of aftermarket upgrades you can make to a carry gun, but only a few actually enhance the capability (and lethality) or your firearm. Aftermarket Modifications for Your Concealed Carry Pistol
  19. Talyn


    Avoiding conflict should be everyone’s preference … but if you carry a gun, it also becomes your responsibility. CONFLICT AVOIDANCE: PRACTICING WHAT I PREACH IMO, the milli-second you sense something wrong call 911.
  20. Talyn


    Techniques for avoidance include de-escalation, alternate tactics and techniques, and simply leaving the area. AVOIDING A FIGHT IS PART OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A GUN OWNER