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  1. KLGunner

    Vaultek Rifle Safes

    So scrolling along on Facebook and there is an ad from Vaultek. It’s a smart safe with multiple user interface and WiFi capability. The RS500i only runs around $1300 and has 4 different ways to get in. Keys, numeric keypad, biometric & a smart key. Looks very interesting I wonder if I might be...
  2. KLGunner

    What you type & where.

    Hey ladies & gentlemen, Okay for the instance of trying to protect the members of this forum. I felt the need to write this out and post it. This is very troubling times we are all living in, that there is no doubt. What you say and how you say it in times like these is critical. Please...
  3. KLGunner

    Apple 🍏, or Android 🤖?

    Inspired by a conversation from another thread what’s your choice and why? Vote above and tell us what you have and why you choose that device.
  4. KLGunner

    😂😏Jokes 2.0🧐🤣

    We are opening a new Jokes thread. Please mind the forum rules. Members you are responsible for what gets posted. Self moderation will keep threads like this open for all to enjoy for a long time. Absolutely no political jokes, memes or talk. Absolutely no Hitler or Killery Hillary post or memes...
  5. KLGunner

    Olight Baldr Mini Product Review

    Olight Baldr Mini Product Review By: Kevin Lord Olight has been bringing industry leading weapons mounted Tec-Lights to us sense 2006. They release new products annually. This year is no different. With the push for smaller compact weapons comes the need for smaller compact weapon-mounted...
  6. KLGunner

    Black Hills Ammunition.

    There is a lot of ammunition companies out there, That there is no doubt. Everyone has their own personal favorites. Until this year you wouldn't have caught anything other then Federal or Hornady in any of my firearms! This year I've gotten in touch with several different brands of ammo. While...
  7. KLGunner

    M1A Loaded Precision Rifle

    So sense we have such a great group here I want y’all’s opinion/help. I recently picked up this beautiful M1A from my LGS. I want to load this beast out with everything I can/would need. Can y’all give me your opinions on things to put on her. Specs I’m looking for on certain items are as...
  8. KLGunner

    Red Light Flashlight for hunting

    So I went predator hunting the other weekend. Buddy I went hunting with had a nice but old red light flashlight 🔦 for his AR-15 he was hunting with. I didn’t even think of this when we went out. So I’ll be going in a week to go hunting again. I need a nice bright strong red light to attach to my...
  9. KLGunner

    Brass Tumbler

    Okay I’m looking for a good brass tumbler. I want one that is both chemical and media. Suggestions please with links of places to get it. Thanks guys.
  10. KLGunner

    Reloading ammunition in 10 easy steps.

    So reloading ammunition is relatively new to me and spending the money on factory loads is just getting old. So I’m starting to get into the process of reloading. I found this article on doing it in 10 easy steps. Now I’m buying all the hand tools for the job, so I know it’s gonna take a lot...
  11. KLGunner

    Insane day at the range

    So yesterday I had a very eventful day at the range with a buddy of mine that brought safety home for me. Till yesterday I’ve never had a dangerous day at the range, but the trust in my friend went up ten fold by his reactions. Let me tell you what happened. First while shooting some JHP rounds...
  12. KLGunner

    Match Grade Ammo

    Okay for some reason or another I've been infatuated with match grade ammo lately. I love how they take everything into account when designing these rounds, From aerodynamics of the round to only using the best powders, primers, etc. It seems tho i cant learn enough about them. Here's an article...
  13. KLGunner

    Last Deer Hunt

    So admittedly this is last season but it was an awesome experience. So prior to December last year I hadn’t been hunting sense 2010. I know Long over due. This was completely different for me tho because I’ve never shot/hunted from a blind before. It’s me and 2 others in this large deer blind...
  14. KLGunner

    Forum Suggestions

    Hello all, As many of you have reached out and asked for small changes to be made such as word filtration, delete button, etc. I wanted to give you all a chance and place to make your own suggestions for changes on the forum. Now I will state that not all requested changes will be made...
  15. KLGunner

    “What does gun ownership feel like?”

    I’m not gonna take credit for this post. Took this from Good Patriot’s Facebook page. So all credit goes to her. “What does gun ownership feel like? This. Walking through a green field, the sun at your back, boots gently crushing the rich soil under your feet ... knowing you can take down an...
  16. KLGunner

    Portable Shooting Action Target

    So i'm building a portable shooting target and i'd like y'alls help. To give you a little backstory 3 years ago strong winds took the roof off of my neighbors house and landed it on the tailgate of my truck damaging it beyond repair. So with the help of a carpenter friend we made a wooden...
  17. KLGunner

    Anyone need a laugh?

  18. KLGunner

    Name that round

    For some more fun stemming from @10mmLife post Name that gun let’s name that round. The more detail the better.
  19. KLGunner

    Before You Post

    Hey Gang, Today (3/31/2020) The Armory Life team dropped the new "Armed With Knowledge" section. This will be a section where we discuss everything 2A. The Lounge will be for "off topic" conversations. Covid-19 conversation's will still be posted in The Lounge. Before you post please...