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  1. jumpinjoe

    Deleting a hilarious video link!

    Last night late, I posted a link to what I thought was a really funny little video. Apparently unknowingly, I somehow linked it to my personal email account. I'm not sure exactly what that means and just how bad that might be, but I appreciate whoever it was for fixing it for me. I would like...
  2. jumpinjoe

    Trophy points?

    A little while ago I asked about 'Followers' and 'Following' and thin I have a general idea now, but that brings up the question of 'What are trophy points' and how are they awarded, how do they work, and what are they for? Last time I think I was awarded any trophy points was when I married my...
  3. jumpinjoe

    Following the followers????

    Can somebody explain what 'Followers' and 'Following' is all about? I was looking at my account/profile or somewhere and saw these two titles. But I have no idea what they are, what they do, and how/if they benefit us. Can somebody clear that up? Thanks in advance y'all!
  4. jumpinjoe

    What do you know about "Starline" ammo?

    Have a chance to buy 50 rnd packages at $20/pkg. 124gr FMJ all new. I've never used them and don't know anything about them. Reviews all seem pretty positive. What say all y'all?
  5. jumpinjoe

    Those 'HoneyBadgers'

    I'm seeing/hearing more and more about these 'HoneyBadger' loads and as time goes on developing more interest in them ..... maybe! Even though I typically like something a little heavier, I'm impressed by the advertised performance of these 100gr loads. Has anybody here tried any of them in...
  6. jumpinjoe

    About installing that SMSc red dot on my Hellcat

    I've had my Hellcat for several months now, but had only limited opportunities to shoot it. I put an SMSc red dot on it not long after I got it, but don't think I got it on correctly. Why? Because yesterday it seemed to have moved on the OSP cut-out. When I first installed it, I could find no...
  7. jumpinjoe

    Indoor shooting

    Does anyone here use an indoor laser shooting system? If so, what brand and why that brand. What are some advantages over others? It's getting so danged hard to find ammo, and if you do find some, to then get time to go to the range, I'm exploring an alternate method of practicing. I know it...