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    A Nation Of Cowards

    Or anything else it seems to me.
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    7 Steps to Pocket Pistol Perfection

    I have a LCP II And I will say the Hogue grip sleeve made a huge difference for me. I have medium sized hands so that wasn't really an issue. The grips just made the little gun easier to handle and reduced felt recoil some. Thanks for posting this.
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    The Keefe Report: An Update on Remington

    I grew up hunting with a model 31 Remington pump 12Ga. I have owned several 870s ... Wingmaster 20 GA light weight , Wingmaster 12 ga , 2 870 express 12 ga.s . The last 870 express was so rough in the action and fit and finish ( not a high grade to start with but... ) I got rid of it and...
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    The Keefe Report: An Update on Remington

    I hope the Remington name can be brought back to it's former great possistion in the firearms linage.
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    How to Make Appendix Carry Holsters More Comfortable

    Well my shape prevents me from carrying with a gun pointed at that delicate area and even if I could , I wouldn't. I'll just stick with the 3 - 3:30 area.
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    “Old West” Revolvers

    I love shooting my old model Ruger single six .
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    Newbie question.

    Sometimes a person just doesn't have to say a word. The young whippersnappers and the magpies just start showing up. ;) 🤭
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    Newbie question.

    Welcome from Southern Illinois. Sometimes I post and other times I just read and post a like or some such. Now there are a few on here who are regular Magpies. 😂
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    Handgun Ammo

    Do you need some eye bleach??? I have some I'll sell you. :devilish:
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    Bent Hellcat Trigger Guard

    Thank you . I also carry IWB but I like to be able to reholster by looking the handgun back into the holster. I have one holster I have to take off if I draw and want to reholster. It is a Bare Asset by High Noon https://www.highnoonholsters.com/bare-asset . The first IWB holster I bought for...
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    What’s Wrong with the Hellcat?

    My take away from the video was ..... did you see how many times that trigger messed up for him to the point it wouldn't fire? :rolleyes:;)
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    Bent Hellcat Trigger Guard

    10mm , How are those IWB holsters about not collapsing when reholstering? I see they don't have any re-enforcement around the top edge
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    Ruger Redhawk 8 Shot .357 Magnum: A Modern Personal Defense Revolver

    I agree . I love the single-six , the blackhawk , the super blackhawk , owned two Security-sixs (1 blued and second was stainless , both 4"BBL. ) but I never did warm up to the redhawk.
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    Charter Arms Pitbull in .45 Auto

    I would like to have seen a little better accuracy from a rest even at 25 yards. I can shoot 1.5" groups off hand at 15 yards with my model 36 on a good day. I do like the way they designed it so you don't have to use moon clips .
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    Is Your Carbine’s Zero Wrong?

    Well , IF I had one of those evil black firearms , I do think I would sight it in at 50 yards . :sneaky:
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    The "Meat Chopper"

    I would not want to be down range of that! Learn something new everyday . I didn't know that even existed.
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    In my neck of the woods

    I don't know what your deer population is where you live but here in Southern Illinois we have them running everywhere. They are even in the middle of our small town ( population around 15,000 ) . There is plenty of food for the big cats around here.
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    Ammo Brief: .357 Remington Maximum

    I got to shoot 2 rounds of .357 maximum out of a Dan Wesson revolver once. I was impressed with it. Set up a target at 25 yards and fired. Both shots were even , within a 1/4 inch of each other , and about an inch high. It was kinda funny because the guy who owned the revolver was complaining...
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    Hellcat trigger issue

    Just my honest opinion but I don't like the bladed trigger safety. When they first started to be seen on the market I laughed to myself as I thought how stupid the idea was. I don't like them! I own a KelTec PF9. It doesn't have a trigger safety and it also doesn't have a manual safety of...
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    Noob From Arizona

    Welcome from Southern Illinois. There are a lot of folks on here who know a lot about many things but not me. I learned long ago , the more you know the more they want you to do. ;)