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  1. BreakingWind

    Need Some Suggestions\Help Here

    I bought a safe from Harbor Freight. Good starter safe, good price so I can lock up my handguns if the grandkids are coming over and to secure them when on vacation to a very unfriendly gun state (NY) for vacation. Long guns are in a locking gun rack.
  2. BreakingWind

    House passes $14 billion in Israel aid with costly cuts to IRS

    I look for a daily dose of humor. I found it in your post "Rich = making over $50k/year"
  3. BreakingWind

    What Is USCCA?

    Whatever works for you. Both George Zimmerman and Kyle Rittenhouse were justified yet charges were filed and they had to defend themselves criminally and George also got sued twice civily. There was just recently a Soldier in TX that got caught up in a riot area while driving and ended up...
  4. BreakingWind

    What Is USCCA?

    I belong to US Law Shield (a similar organization). I happened across a talk show radio program while I was on the road for the company I used to work for that was talking about self defense and as serendipity would have it one of the guests who called into the show was George Zimmerman. He...
  5. BreakingWind

    Well, that was quick.

    Just got **** shivers. Bad memories...
  6. BreakingWind

    Anyone else into cooking?

    Since I retired in '16 I became the house husband and cook all meals while my trophy wife still works. I cook simple, complex, primitive, gourmet, and everything in between. I use stove, oven, convection oven, air fryer, instapot, crock pot, gas grill, charcoal grill, griddle, microwave. I fry...
  7. BreakingWind

    Groundhog (wood chuck)

    You need to check your local laws concerning trapping. In our state, you need to go the Game & Parks Commission and get a nuisance license issued (free of charge), and then turn the caught wildlife over to them and they decide the disposition (release or euthanized). If you don't turn them...
  8. BreakingWind

    OUR wonderful US mail service

    Not only does your package tour the US, they charge you a fortune to send it. I recently bought a used trunk mount luggage rack for my Saturn Sky. Saturn Sky is not a big car, thus the luggage rack is not huge. It measures just over 2'X3'X8" and weighs right around 20 lbs. The seller was...
  9. BreakingWind

    Electric or Gas for a Car

    I'll stick with my '01 Pontiac Firebird and '08 Saturn Sky Redline. EV doesn't make sense for my life style, I'll just leave it at that.
  10. BreakingWind

    Security home systems

    As for brand I have 2, they both eat dog food and wag their tails - an Australian Shepherd and a Welsh Corgi. Best early warning system around and the way they bark and carry on at the door when anyone is in the area or especially in the yard or at the door it will make any unwelcomed guest...
  11. BreakingWind

    Will You Be Able to Shoot in Time to Stop an Attack?

    Situational awareness changes when I am carrying. I see a group of people and/or cars in an area and some shouting or two people squaring off in a parking lot road raging cuz one stole the others parking space or the myriad of other daily tiffs angry people just can't seem to avoid used to...
  12. BreakingWind

    Guns and Travel: Can I Take My Gun on a Road Trip?

    Some states you are better off adding the hours to detour and avoid, avoid, avoid. NY, NJ, IL, CA, immediately comes to mind. Even in the right your in the wrong. If you get stopped, your likely going to end up spending a bunch of time and money to prove your legal and may still lose your...
  13. BreakingWind

    Is a .22LR round plausible for self defense?

    I would not normally carry anything smaller than 9mm as an EDC unless there is no other options. I have carried a .22 and a .25 on certain occassions where it was a "that or nothing" option and still carry a .22 revolver in a ankle holster on occassion as a backup. Oh yeah, more people are...
  14. BreakingWind

    The Art of One-Handed Shooting

    I normally do most of my shooting with both eyes open except when shooting at 10'+. I had noticed about 5 years ago, all of sudden my aim was way off. I am a lefty and that is when I noticed that I had changed from left eye dominant to right eye dominant, this took some adjustment to come back...
  15. BreakingWind

    About As Simple As Things Usually Are For Me

    Just got new credit/debit cards issued and now nearly everything not on autopay is paid via personal check or cash. Trophy wife got scanned once then got two businesses where she did business got hacked and had huge data breaches. So easy to pay everything electronically via debit/credit card...
  16. BreakingWind

    About As Simple As Things Usually Are For Me

    BTW: I am talking about MY credit union, not the one pictured... First sentence of my original post. "You now have to get buzzed in to my Credit Union." What part of "my Credit Union" did you not understand?
  17. BreakingWind

    Guns and Travel: Can I Take My Gun on a Road Trip?

    Unfortunately, you would be throwing away good money trying a lawsuit, even if you could get a lawyer to represent you in that endeavor which is doubtful. Law enforcement actions have “qualified immunity”. Your not suing a person, because this was done in his capacity as AG you would be suing...
  18. BreakingWind

    About As Simple As Things Usually Are For Me

    BTW: I am talking about MY credit union, not the one pictured...
  19. BreakingWind

    About As Simple As Things Usually Are For Me

    I know a hotbox, I have been in many. There was a piece missing. In a hot box they have the ability to lock you into the hot box, so that you can neither enter the bank nor depart. The foyer on the bank that you first entered did not have lockable doors and were blocked in a full open...
  20. BreakingWind

    Guns and Travel: Can I Take My Gun on a Road Trip?

    A Nebraska citizen had a real horror story traveling with guns. He and a group of friends own a hunting lodge in Maine. They hunt there a couple of times a year and have done so for years. They do not store their guns there as it is unoccupied for months at a time. They fly with their guns...