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    Huey Hogs: The World’s First Helicopter Gunship

    Helluva story, thanks for sharing. I’d love to take a ride in the Blackhawk again someday if the opportunity presented itself, but the Huey is the legend, and for good reason.
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    The M14 "In Country"

    I would give my left nut and half a titty to get my hands on an M14 EBR, but I doubt that’s gonna happen anytime soon. I joined the army, the first time, in December of 1992, so I grew up with the AR15/M16 and love shooting them. I own several. I was also a SAW gunner in Iraq in 04-05, and I’d...
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    AH-64 Apache: Boeing’s Tank-Busting Helo

    In the summer of 2005 we were running missions from BIAP to Abu Ghraib prison, and on our way back to BIAP a fuel truck had overturned at a roundabout on the main road into BIAP. There were 20 foot walls on either side of the road, so there was no turning around and finding a new route. So here...
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    Is Bear Spray Better Than a Pistol?

    The other student kicked the bear and pulled on its ears to get it to stop attacking his friend, then the bear turned its rage on him. I’ve read of some pretty stupid people who go into the wilderness unarmed, but knowingly going into grizzly territory without a firearm is dangerously dumb, just...
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    The Evolution of U.S. Military Rifle Cartridges

    That makes sense, thanks for the reply. Guess I’ll have to make do with some green tip and razor core. I remember reading reports from the sandbox about how effective the 855A1 was compared to green tip and wish I could find some.
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    The Evolution of U.S. Military Rifle Cartridges

    I’m curious as to when the M855A1 round is going to be more widely available to the civilian market? It’s been in production for over a decade, but it’s still prohibitively expensive if and when it’s available. Anyone have some good information?