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    SA-35 Factory Grip Finish

    Thanks for the feedback…like you I’m fairly certain they are untreated as well. I have some Tung oil left over from a Garand rifle stock project, so I’ll give them a couple coats of that to help seal them up.
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    SA-35 Factory Grip Finish

    Just picked up an SA-35 this past weekend. Lucked into one at a shop I don’t stop by too often. Having made the mistake of passing up on one a few weeks after they were released I decided to snag it. Anyway, looking over the factory grips it looks like the wood may be untreated, but before I...
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    brass polishing..??

    I wet tumble in a Frankfort Arsenal tumbler. Hot water and a healthy splash of Meguiar’s Wash and Wax car wash that I picked up on sale at Costco a little while back. It was $10 for a gallon, so it will last me a bit. Gets the cases new looking after a couple hours in the tumbler. Just dump...
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    Another company adding primer capacity

    PSA will have primers available at some point via the AAC brand.
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    Extended Mags: XD Service Models (XD9101)

    That’s kinda what SA did…each XD variant offered an increase in mag capacity over the previous, at the expense of mag compatibility. Mag compatibility is the single biggest thing Glock got right from the beginning. The exception to this in the XD lineup is the .45 chambered guns. That is the...
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    Shot Show 23 - Aimpoint CompM5B

    Nice to see companies embracing turret protection. What magnifier is that?
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    Cleaning and Maintaining Your Magazines – Why, How Often and How to Do It

    Shooting suppressed means cleaning your mags after every range trip. Metal or polymer, both get gummed up quickly with a can. This is also why I prefer to keep a handful of dedicated range mags. Keeps wear and tear isolated to a few mags.
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    The Hellion bullpup thread [HS Produkt VHS-(K)3]

    MSRP is a couple hundred higher than I had hoped, but not horrible. Assuming demand dies down its not hard to imagine these will carry a street price of around $1700...of course if they end up not selling well they could get cheaper.
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    New Springfield Gun this Friday?

    Nah, more Croatian goodness in the form of the VHS-K3.
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    Photos of the actual product have leaked, including the name. Have to say that this is on my short list of things to buy, and also my first non-AR pattern semi-auto rifle. Don't want to rock the boat too much around here so I'll refrain from posting or linking to them.
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    Show off your 1911

    Nothing fancy, just a Mil-Spec with some Magpul grips that I painted
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    Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec change grip safety to beavertail

    In terms of frame, no nothing has changed. Most beaver tail safeties require reprofiling the frame horns near the grip safety as you know. IMO the drop in versions tend to a look a little 'off.
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    Anyone dyed their polymer gun?

    Concealed means concealed....that said I wouldn't worry about. The vast majority of the public is too concerned about themselves and likely would hardly notice if your piece showed a bit due to a shirt riding up or something.
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    Based on the video Gun Jesus did on the previous variant it looks like the magwells are interchangeable, allowing STANAG (AR type) or G36 mags (which is what the original VHS used), the French trials version of the VHS had a magwell compatible with FAMAS mags too.
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    Can I still get an XD .45ACP with 13+1 capacity?

    XD9 mags have been dirt cheap for the past year, anywhere from $9.99 to $14.99. XD45 mags on the other hand tend to be $20 each, or more as Joe Bob's has them listed at $29 currently. I'd buy a dozen XD45 mags if they were under $15.
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    Savage Arms Debuts 9mm Microcompact Pistol, the Stance!

    Its an updated Honor Defense Honor Guard pistol.
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    Discontinued the edge AR/ pistol platform

    They're not getting rid of all of them, as the Victor series is still up on the website. Being 2 weeks out from SHOT show I am assuming they will be introducing new models to fill the gaps. It's also possible the various Saint pistols they decided to discontinue were not very high volume sellers.
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    Discontinued Springfield Model You Miss Most

    I'd have to agree with the OP...the Mod. 2 frame was fantastic. My first was a subcompact in .45 that I picked up for under $400 when the lineup was discontinued. I could have purchased a fullsize 4" for the same money and really wished I did. I ended up finding a decent deal on a lightly used...
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    9MM XD Magazines- Why so cheap all of a sudden?

    Don't post much here, but after digging around the internet for a bit and not getting anywhere I figured I'd try asking here: Anybody else notice the flood of cheap factory XD 9MM mags recently? These would be the 16 rounders for the original XD and the Mod. 2. Several places over the past...
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    Here's a Great Deal - No Comments

    Cheap factory XD 9MM mags: https://palmettostatearmory.com/springfield-xd-9mm-16rd-full-size-mag-xd5016.html Fits XD and XD Mod2