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  1. T_Cactus

    Been A While Folks

    Reminds me of SGT1911’s sign off? He’s a YouTube gun guy
  2. T_Cactus

    SA-35 Review: Dissecting Springfield’s New Pistol

    Purchased my SA-35 many moons ago, perhaps ten months ago now Purchase price was twenty dollars under msrp @ 679.00 dollars It was available at the “range usa” retail store My pistol was manufactured in the mid five thousands of serial numbers
  3. T_Cactus

    Geneseo, Illinois,,, the home of Springfield Armory

    Well what can I say? As Lum and Abner would say, I’m a bit “dis-appinted” in my trip to Geneseo to take a gander at the SA manufacturing facility. I am visiting my family in the Quad Cities and my brother in law and I drove the twenty minutes to Geneseo to see where some of my favorite...
  4. T_Cactus

    OK…what’s the deal with the SA-35 availability?

    I’ll chime in on the topic I had ordered an SA-35 at the local gun store and waited several weeks with no results I belonged to the range formerly known as shoot point blank and they had one on the shelf for twenty less than msrp,,, so I purchased the pistol and have had only session with it to...
  5. T_Cactus

    Nitro 500 Pistol

    I think it is entertainment and that’s all it is ,,,,,cutting up the table with a chainsaw is out of my realm, especially when the chain went wizzing thru the steel frame! It’s all schtick, and I can appreciate that And hey, I grew up watching the Three Stooges, as in my formative years! So I...
  6. T_Cactus

    Holster t-shirt for CCW?

    You must be one skinny dude Bassbob!! I ordered the xxl and it is a bit tight to say the least ,, and I’m a svelte 230 at six feet tall
  7. T_Cactus

    Holster t-shirt for CCW?

    I purchased a 5:11 ccw t-shirt... Here’s my advice, order your garment at least one or two sizes larger than you are accustomed to wearing for they run quite quite “small”,,,, the fabric is very stretchy and can be warm in summer wx As for quick access, it’s not a great holster for easy and...
  8. T_Cactus

    Watch your footing. It’s could be a long drop.

    Making memories the hard way KL Did your sons witness the event? I’m thinking one of these days, they are going to have a good laugh at your misfortune! My wife was involved in a car accident I the end of January and she is still having a rough time with her injuries Pain in in your near...
  9. T_Cactus

    More SA-35 Extraction Issues

    I purchased my pistol approximately two weeks ago, with one failure to extract after sending thirty rounds through the pistol I was using magtech ammo I have not had an opportunity to get back to the range My firearm was manufactured in the high five thousands and purchased in Webster Texas...
  10. T_Cactus

    Happy w/ my new SA-35

    Hey Neubs I acquired my SA-35 a week ago,,, serial number on the high side of five k. I have sent fifty rounds through mine with one failure to extract and that was the third magazine when it occurred. So it’s going to take some more range time to see if it continues to run well. I do have...
  11. T_Cactus

    I went to check my hog traps this morning.......

    I suspect chick-fil-a has something to do with this one.
  12. T_Cactus

    SA-35 ordered

    Update: Howdt y’all from HOU Texas,,,,, I have in my possession a SA-35! Wow, a nice shooting pistol, and I’m pleased to report it has fine shooting qualities, and what more can I report that hasn’t already been said. The pistol finish is nice, uniform in appearance. The trigger is as...
  13. T_Cactus

    Cursing and other mortal sins

    Whyyiyaughta! Woo woo woo woo
  14. T_Cactus

    My Long-Awaited SA-35

    I am anxiously awaiting mine,,,, very nice 🙂
  15. T_Cactus

    SA-35 ordered

    Ten four,,,, im hankering for a ten mm too I have my eye on a long slide glock twenty It looks substantial and I like the optics cut on the slide ,,,, another seven hundred dollar handgun plus or minus i
  16. T_Cactus

    SA-35 ordered

    What are your thoughts on the pistol BET7? I have never owned a nine mm I have fired some rounds through some friends firearms If you have a range report posted , please direct me that way
  17. T_Cactus

    SA-35 ordered

    The salesman wrote on the order form: No firm delivery or price 10% restock With the requisite initialing______ I will wait it out ,,,,, and it will arrive when it does and hopefully it won’t be four plus months
  18. T_Cactus

    SA-35 ordered

    Howdt y’all I’ve been looking forward to finding an SA-35 at my local gun store, after repeatedly not finding one available, I plunked down fitty percent and now it’s the waiting game. I don’t mind the waiting, well perhaps I do, but now I know it will be just the matter of when and not...
  19. T_Cactus

    Is anyone really interested?

    Fudd comes to mind and proudly I own the title 🙃
  20. T_Cactus

    Singer “Meatloaf” Dies

    My condolences and sympathies to the family of MR. Loaf.