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  1. Jedi54

    Echelon + RMR HD

    agree the 507 is great, I have one on my hellcat pro. love the donut of death option for the dot. the RMR HD should be more rugged and now has the ability to have the donut as well. that's the reason I'm looking at one for the Echelon.
  2. Jedi54

    Echelon + RMR HD

    thanks @rcurtner your post gives me hope. Keeping an eye out for any good Black Friday deals on this optic and I guess we'll soon find out. how are you liking your Echelon so far?
  3. Jedi54

    Echelon + RMR HD

    thanks James, appreciate the quick response. I've seen a few other pictures where it seems to be awfully close to that ejection port, just not sure if the brass trajectory will be an issue until it's mounted and fired. And hopefully that doesn't end up being a costly purchase / mistake. was...
  4. Jedi54

    Echelon + RMR HD

    Picked up an Echelon yesterday and thinking I will go with the RMR HD but I do have some concerns with the overhang of the new trijicon. (from random YT video I was watching today) the maker of that video commented that the brass seemed to be hitting the bottom of the optic and he felt the...
  5. Jedi54

    Question For The Experts

    I own an XDS and a Hellcat Pro XDS has been relegated to back up / car / laptop bag gun. Hellcat is definitely an upgrade from the XDS line in terms of ergonomics, capacity, and optics readiness.
  6. Jedi54

    Springfield Echelon Holster Options

    just ordered a Red Hill Tactical for my Echelon https://www.redhilltactical.com/Springfield-Armory-Holster-Competition_p_41.html great OWB holster. not the most concealable but excellent for range / training / competition use.
  7. Jedi54

    Review: Trijicon’s New RMR HD

    was a bit worried about how close the optic sits to the ejection port. anyone else running this combo or have thoughts on that?
  8. Jedi54

    What have you bought firearms related in the last 48 hours?

    an Echelon and a Red Hill Tactical holster for it
  9. Jedi54

    Competition Holster for Springfield Echelon pistil

  10. Jedi54

    Review: XD OSP Slide Conversion Kits

    this is pretty awesome news. Anyone else a little bummed that the kit isn't designed to keep the 5" Tactical at that size? Although, if I do the 5" to 4" conversion is that now a Springfield XDx ? :cool:
  11. Jedi54

    PRP Hellcat Trigger released

    just wondering on your overall thoughts on the trigger. Had a chance to play with a Hellcat this weekend (they're a rare breed here in the People's republic) and I thought the stock trigger was better than the stock xds (gen1). what did you like? didn't like? how is it vs the Apex
  12. Jedi54

    PRP Hellcat Trigger released

    sooooo.... do we have a comparison yet? 😃
  13. Jedi54

    Heritage Foundation creates interactive database of defensive gun uses

    very cool link, thanks for sharing.
  14. Jedi54

    XD mod 2?

    where's James / XDMan. if anyone has insight on this it would be him...
  15. Jedi54

    XD mod 2?

    Did they really discontinue them already? That's surprising.