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    Reloading coated bullets 9mm Luger/9x19mm

    Has anyone had experience with loading the ACME brand of coated bullets ? I am looking for info on their 115 Gr RN-NLG coated bullet. The only published load data I found was from Alliant Powder. They listed one powder Sport Pistol; with a 4.7 gr charge weight , FED 100 primer, at a minimum OAL...
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    Everything I reload has all the pertinent data detailed on the container , I have been given other peoples reloads that no longer reload. I will pull the bullets, dump the powder and reassemble based on case condition. One time I accepted 100 reloads of .41 Rem Mag 170 Gr. SWC from a friend and...
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    Is there a better manual of instruction for a SA 1911 Range Officer Target than what is supplied...

    Is there a better manual of instruction for a SA 1911 Range Officer Target than what is supplied with the firearm ?
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    Considering Reloading Shotgun Shells

    Great that the whole family is participating. It is something you can all do together and enjoy. Kids to Grandparents is the beauty of clays shooting. In my earlier post I spoke about the economies of reloading. If you can locate a used MEC 600 Jr in good shape that would be my suggestion. I...
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    Is it worthwhile to reload shotgun

    I just joined the Forum so my response is a bit late. If you are averaging in the 40's with what you are buying on sale at $50.00/case you probably won't benefit from reloading. However, if you want to improve scores by shooting a "better" shotshell, reloading may be your solution. Most of the...
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    Handloading for the Autopistol

    Handloader magazine is my #1 source for quality load data complimenting the Bullet and Powder manufacturer's data. Brian P and John B are two of the most informative and quality writers on the magazine staff. I recently met a fellow shooter at a barbershop who was cleaning out his "library" I...
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    Considering Reloading Shotgun Shells

    What type of clay target shooting is your family doing ? Besides the satisfaction of reloading my own ammo and tailoring it to my shotgun , improving pattern density and somewhat of a cost savings. It has become a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy. although I am a competitive trap shooter, my...
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    Considering Reloading Shotgun Shells

    MEC is a great way to go , great support, the size master is an excellent choice. I advise adding a reloading scale to your initial investment, Lyman, RCBS all make balance beam scales. When you buy a new MEC loader they will include several powder bushings and a bar that is calibrated to shot...