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    Hellcat Optics ready holsters

    I'd have a hard time ordering anything from Etsy. Debit card is thru my bank and they locked any charge to them. They have had too many scams from that site so they just locked them out. Now that outfit might be a great place but too many that sell there are not
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    Hellcat Optics ready holsters

    He does make a good holster. He check and adjusts every holster with the real firearm it is made for so he is sure it is fitting right.
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    Hellcat Optics ready holsters

    https://bradecholsters.com/ This guy makes a nice holster for the Hellcat. He has them for the standard and the OSP model. Great prices too
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    Shoulder holster please

    But you get what you pay for. Used a Galico for many years without any problems. Keep an eye out for sales is a good way to buy a quality holster and not break the bank.
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    EDC~~~~~ How much do you care about it?

    I know a police office that was involved in a shooting while on duty. Everything was justified. He carried his own firearm on duty because he liked it over the department issued weapon. They took it after the shooting and kept it for a good long time. He said he would never carry anything else...
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    Hellcat Giveaway Winners!

    Congrats to the winner. Doesn't look like I will be owning one anytime soon. Fixed income sucks and selling off firearms sucks even more around here. Dealer want to give you nothing for trade ins even if they are brand new and never fired
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    Laser or Irons?

    Short answer NO. Now I do have a wheel gun with a built in laser in the grip and it is never turned on. Only reason it is there was I traded for the pistol and it was what came on it. If you need a laser to take out a bad guy in a real life or death situation your going to be in real trouble if...
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    Advice for beginners

    Learn the proper way to safely handle a firearm and always follow those rules. So number one is always assume a firearm is loaded until you prove otherwise. And I do mean always. If the guy behind the counter just racked the slide and checked it don't consider it unloaded until you look into the...
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    Are you flinching

    All the above tricks are good to help you learn to stop flinching. Laser pistols like the SIRT can help with dry fire practice and once you get it purchased the cost is just a couple of batteries every now and then. Lets you practice just about anywhere. I've heard about the mantis the only...
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    Carrying a full size handgun? Do you do IWB or OWB?

    In the winter I carry my Glock 21 with a TLR-1 in an OWB holster because it is easy to keep covered but it would be too much for IWB. I have issues with many IWB holsters so I like to carry OWB as much as I can. Most days it's a Glock 43 or 19 depending on what I want to wear. I have both IWB...
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    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    I've never liked those belt clips. They are easy to put on but I find they don't like to keep the holster on the belt when drawing the firearm. Some are pretty tight and stay okay but some are just too loose
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    How often to the range and how many rounds?

    One thing to think about if you can't get to the range as much as you would like try a laser training weapon. SIRT makes a nice one and is easy to practice around the house. But remember they look pretty real so keep that in mind. But you can do a lot of practice with things like drawing from a...
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    What is the best Home Defense Weapon?

    There is no real answer to that question other then to do more research and see what fit for you. So many things come into play with the answer. Where do you live? Country were the house next door is 2 miles down or in the city were you can reach out your window and touch the house next door...
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    Is anonymity still attainable?

    I don't see it happening
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    Hellcat Optics ready holsters

    A shop near my son had one with the red dot for $660
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    Hellcat mag loader

    Have a Uplula and it's the best money I ever spent. Now I don't have a hellcat yet so I can't say it works but they work on about every other pistol mag
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    Dedicated gun safe...biometric or code?

    Biometrics can be flaky and not work right so I stay away from them. Plus the cost is just too much for something that doesn't work right all the time. Now they could make one with a good sensor on it that works every time but like it has been said if you get a cut it's all out the window and...
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    Hellcat: The New Top Dog?

    Wanting to try one before I buy. Picked up a 365 because of all the talk and because of the issues I sold it without even shooting it. Sat in the case for about a year and such a waste of money. So I don't want to pickup a hellcat without trying it out. Plus I'd like to see how it is holding up...
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    Under the pillow or in the nightstand?

    Plus you need to make sure you are awake before you have a firearm in your hands. Maybe you don't have kids that can walk in and scare you in the middle of the night but other things can happen too.
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    Under the pillow or in the nightstand?

    Do you understand most people clench your fist at night while you sleep. If for some reason your hand is on your firearm you better hope it is not pointed at someone. Plus I bet you will have hearing lose after that