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  1. CO conservative

    How many rounds do you carry?

    I agree Hans. May not penetrate but it sure will break a couple ribs and knock a perp on his ass. Setting up subsequent shots.
  2. CO conservative

    Democrats Push National Safe Storage Bill in U.S. Congress

    What’s next? Outlaw the butcher block in my kitchen? As stated above. Teach your kids some boundaries. Wake TF up. 😡
  3. CO conservative

    How many rounds do you carry?

    Ballistic vest, hmmm. Makes my 10 mm sound better.
  4. CO conservative

    Home Defense vs Concealed Carry Gun

    Which ever handgun was carried that day is on the night stand. A Remington 1187 in 12g and a VP9SK are close by. The 1187 has an eight shell tube. My dog WILL HEAR YOU. Wrong house. 🤨
  5. CO conservative

    How many rounds do you carry?

    46 rnds of 10 mm.
  6. CO conservative

    Why Right-to-Carry Laws Are Women’s Rights Laws

    My wife packs heat too. Glad of it. Especially when she has our grandsons with her. An armed society is a polite society.
  7. CO conservative

    The One Year Mark!

    Glad to he here 👍🏻🇺🇸
  8. CO conservative

    Superbowl picks

    Nope! Not until they All respect our anthem AND our flag. I mean ALL OF THEM! 🤨
  9. CO conservative

    Ammo Availability Predictions

    We have backed off buying more ammo for now. Have enough to make me comfortable. A lot of folks complain about the rationing most GS are doing. Folks need to relax. Let someone else get some. Like many others, I don’t shoot as much as I used to. Deal with it. You don’t need a pallet of 9mm. Buy...
  10. CO conservative

    Top Federal 10mm Ammunition Loads

    Prefer the sig v crown in 10mm, 1250 fps. Also check out the “woodsman” by G9 research, 145 gr copper projectile 1450 fps
  11. CO conservative

    First Shots: Springfield Armory Ronin Operator 10mm

    Federal and a few other manufacturers of 10mm load them weak, IMO. Try a hotter load.
  12. CO conservative

    Cheapest Gun You Love to Shoot

    My Thompson Center TC R22 rifle. Basically a 10/22 clone. $225. Bushnell 4x scope $30. I love shooting it.
  13. CO conservative

    Review: Springfield Armory 1911 TRP

    TRP for the win! 👍🏻🇺🇸
  14. CO conservative

    Anyone else have this problem with card purchases?

    Heard about these problems but have not experienced it. In an effort to keep from being monitored I have taken to using cash for all gun related purchases at local shops.
  15. CO conservative

    Question for the board members: If the SHTF, what food items are you stocking up on for a 3-6 month disruption in supply chains?

    Some higher velocity 12 g #2 steel shot will make a mess out of bad guys. If they don’t get it all out it rusts.
  16. CO conservative

    What's missing in this picture?

    Nice club
  17. CO conservative

    .45 ACP Speer Lawman Ammo Available - 75 Boxes in stock at last count

    Can still get S&B .45 acp at LGS. 1 box at a time. $29 for 50 rnds. They have 10mm in S&B but I am good on that calib. S&B 10 mm is weak.
  18. CO conservative


    I put a Trijicon. RMR2 on my wife’s competition 9x21. Great optic! My 1st experience with a red dot on a pistol. I like the concept. However for an EDC I would opt for one that is a “shake awake” or always on.
  19. CO conservative

    How Much Ammo Should You Carry

    46 rnds