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  1. Mil-Spec

    Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather

    Great article, and terrific holsters! I've owned a Mitch Rosen for about a decade and use it to carry my 1911. Terrific quality, and really comfortable to carry.
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    When A 1911 Shot Down a Japanese Zero

    Wow! What a great story! My compliments to the writer for relating this great story!
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    Shield RMSc Review: Improve Your Hellcat’s Reflexes

    Agreed on the OSP version. It's a must buy, in my opinion. The capabilities of this little gun with that optic seem like they would be amazing. I just wish there were more affordable optics for it out there, but I guess making something that small that can take the beating of slamming back and...
  4. Mil-Spec

    Hellcat Kills 10K Rounds

    Could not agree more about this test on the gun. This is put to bed any concerns people have about the Hellcat's strength. I wouldn't expect a gun that size to come even close to that.... I know it's rated for +P. I wonder if anyone has done a +P torture test on it?
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    Quiet Night on The Forum

  6. Mil-Spec

    Quiet Night on The Forum

    Just taking a look around and seeing whats going on....
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    Show off your 1911

    Could not agree more!
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    William Drill: Pumping the Brakes on the Bill Drill

    Agreed. I've run the "Bill Drill" many times, but this "failure drill" adaptation of it is pretty interesting. I'll be adding to my exercises as well.
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    Enemies: Tokarev vs. M1911

    Great article! I learned a lot about the Tokarev that I didnt know. All things being equal, I'd definitely pick the 1911, but the Tok gun is really interesting.
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    Looks like SMSgtRod and TEXASforLIFE are famous!

    Saw that @SMSgtRod and @TEXASforLIFE were called out in The Debrief email today for having the Professional ranking. Congrats, guys!
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    Book Review: Seeklander’s Defensive Rifle Training

    Awesome. I'm definitely going to grab a copy for myself. Mr. Seeklander, good to see you on the forum here!
  12. Mil-Spec

    Book Review: Seeklander’s Defensive Rifle Training

    The drill that the reviewer showed in the video looks simple and complicated at the same time. I've never run one like that, but I bet it's hard to do when your concentrating on moving, aiming and shooting. I wonder how many different drills are covered in the book, and what their range of...
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    Rob’s Corner: Leatham’s Double-Duty 1911

    Great piece by Rob Leatham! I've long been a fan, so it's great to get his insight on this. I might have to consider getting an optics-ready 1911. I like that he used such a small optic on it rather than some huge, honking one. It's really unobtrusive and tiny.
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    The Generals & Their Guns

  15. Mil-Spec

    Most amazing action movie you've seen

    I know we've been talking about good gun handling in movies, funny movies, etc., but how about a discussion of the most over the top, amazing, not necessarily realistic or accurate, action movies out there. Not bad, but really good ones that might just be a bit over the top? How about I start...
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    Coolest gun moment in a movie

    Agreed on Heat. Michael Mann movies tend to take the gunplay seriously. How about that scene in Collateral with Cruise drawing and shooting?
  17. Mil-Spec

    Funniest movie you've ever seen?

    I thought it might be fun to start a list of our favorite funny movies, and maybe calling out the funniest scene. One of my favorites is The Naked Gun, and the bit where he wore the microphone into the bathroom after the press conference. I was laughing so hard the first time I saw it I had to...
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    Your avatar story?

    Zack & Miri is seriously like the funniest movie I have ever seen! I caught it on cable one night and watched a few minutes and could not turn it. It's filthy, but really funny. I think the director did the Clerks movie, which is another howler.
  19. Mil-Spec

    Peak Performance: The New XD-M Elite

    I'm more of a 1911 guy (so the new Ronin really caught my eye), but this is a really cool upgrade to the XDM. That 4.5 with the smaller mag well is really catching my eye....
  20. Mil-Spec

    Single-action in pocket carry? Is this a stupid move?

    For me, I only carry "cocked and locked" guns in a holster on my belt, either IWB or OWB. I'd be uncomfortable with it any other way....