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  1. Rev

    How much spare ammo do you all carry?

    I usually carry two spare mags on a belt carrier, either 45 or 9mm, on some occasions only a spare 9mm in the pocket.
  2. Rev

    What knives do you daily carry?

    I have many, many knives from the size of a large paper clip (Pin Knifes) to my custom made “gut you out”. I carry all these pictured for various reasons. The Buck (black with holes in handle) is one of my favorites. Very sharp and thought not a switchblade like the Kalashnikov, but easy to...
  3. Rev

    How much spare ammo do you all carry?

    Much like the others, I have different scenarios. If serving on my church security team, SD 45 OWB holster with 2 double stack mags in the SD hard shell belt loop carrier. That’s 40 rds total with 1 in the pipe If CCW, Springfield 911, 9mm, IWB and a double open pouch custom made mag carrier on...
  4. Rev

    Let's see your AR setups...

    Springfield Saint Edge Pistol. Stock components, Sig Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot, Magpul QD Ring for Single Point Sling, Magpul Bolt Release.