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    What have you bought firearms related in the last 48 hours?

    I bought this KleenBore cloth for cleaning the carbon and burn marks off my revolver's cylinder. I was amazed at how well it worked.
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    I'm Impressed.

    Yesterday I placed an order with Amazon and it was delivered to my door in just under 8 hours. Tonight I placed an order at 5 PM and it was on my porch at 7:25 PM. That's pretty impressive service. I wish they sold ammunition.
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    1st Lady Rosalynn Carter passes

    May she rest in peace. I always thought Jimmy would go first. Two very classy people.
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    Nature Captured At Its Finest, Most Adorable, Incredible, Beautiful And Amazing Moments

    This guy came by last night to steal bird seed from the feeder. He looks pretty skinny so I think he's been spending too much time chasing the ladies and not eating enough to maintain his weight.
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    I Must Be the Only One

    Did someone say Turkish?? As in Mauser??
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    I Must Be the Only One

    I must be the only gun nut that doesn't own a firearm based on the AR-15/M16 platform. I just don't see a want/need to own one. Perhaps, due to my negative experience with the early M16s that were jam-a-matics, it left me a bit warped. I do prefer the look a wood stock.
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    Do you remember ?

    I'm so old I remember raking leaves and then burning them in the street.
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    Taurus Tracker 357 Mag, My Thoughts

    I took my brand new Taurus Tracker 627 in 357 magnum to the range yesterday. I was very impressed with it. I had to wonder if the Colt Python that my dealer had in his case could be so much better that it would justify a price that was three times the cost of the Taurus. The Colt was definitely...
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    Show all your “other” guns and discussions.

    After waiting 2 weeks the Taurus 627 Tracker in 357 Mag finally came in. It has a 6.5 inch barrel and a 7 round cylinder. I'm happy it came with the better Taurus grip. I can't wait to try this at the shooting range tomorrow.
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    This is Sexy

    Obviously I have a completely different view of what is sexy.
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    Registering your Springfield firearm

    I register every firearm I buy, especially the ones that have a lifetime warranty.
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    Here's a Great Deal - No Comments

    GunMag Warehouse has a great price on some 44 magnum, 50 round box of target ammo (240 gr), manufactured by Ammo Inc for $32.99. I ordered 3 boxes and shipping was $9.99.
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    A local sporting goods store has a S&W, 44 Magnum snub nose revolver in their display case. It’s similar to the one in this picture. I’d bet the recoil on that revolver would be brutal. If I remember correctly the price was $1199.00. Who in the heck would buy a revolver like this? Why would you...
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    How do you feel

    No, I haven't made any changes and I don't feel vulnerable. I have been prepared for a major earthquake for over a quarter of a century. And I don't fear people of other races or religions nor do I think the sky is falling.
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    Ammo Prices

    Ammo prices have come down enough that I bought some 357 Magnum at $32.99 for a box of 50 and 38 Special at $26.99 for a box of 50. My local gun store also had a couple of brands of 9mm for $12.99. I had to stock up on the 357 mag since the Taurus 627 I ordered should be coming in next week.
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    Watch perfection?

    A tale of two watches. This beautiful Bulova watch was given to me a number of years ago by my daughter. I wear it on "dressed up" occasions and when visiting my daughter. :D The cost was more than a couple of hundred dollars. This is my everyday watch. It's a no name watch with a fake...
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    Retired life

    I love retirement. No one watching my every move, no boss, no rules and regulations. I can go to the gun range when I feel like it. I've traveled to almost every state and traveled to 5 continents. Once a month my former employer sends me a check and once a month Uncle Sam sends me a check...
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    Pint-Sized 22s: What Good are They?

    Does a .22 magnum count? This is my NAA chambered in .22 mag pictured with a 7mm cartridge.
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    When is it time to stop buying

    It's never time to stop buying if you have someone to leave them to when you pass. I'm 78 and just ordered a Taurus 627 in 357 Magnum with a 6.5 inch barrel. Hopefully it will be in next week.