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  1. RangerBill

    XD-M 3.8 10mm for bear defense

    Lately the Grizzlies have not been confined to "The Back Country" in Montana as they once were. They are spreading out and being seen in places that had no Grizzlies. Central and South Central Montana come to mind, well east of the Rockies. I have read of, or known, very experienced Montana...
  2. RangerBill

    This hurts my soul....

    I've always dreamt of a lever action carbine with M-Loks to hang tactical gadgets on. Makes an already handy rifle even handier. Now for a detachable box magazine and a custom Kydex saddle scabbard.
  3. RangerBill

    First Look: Springfield Armory SA-35 9mm

    Now that's interesting. Exactly $1K over MSRP, and then they say "In store pricing may vary". Huh.
  4. RangerBill

    First Look: Springfield Armory SA-35 9mm

    I have yet to see one on a store shelf, and like everyone else, I'm just gagging at the prices on GB. The "Moronic Variant" has struck there big time.
  5. RangerBill

    Would the Founding Fathers Have Banned “Assault Weapons”?

    " Assault" is an action or behavior. "Weapon" is a very broad term. If I strike someone on the body with a golf club, that golf club is being used as a weapon to assault someone. Most folks think that the Assault Weapon ban is centered around the AR-15 "Black Rifle". As I explained to a distant...
  6. RangerBill

    M1A Steel Scope Mounts

    In hindsight, I wouldn't go this route again. The mounts are difficult to mount and get the optics lined up straight with the bore axis. These steel mounts came from Springfield, and Sadlak makes a similar steel mount. If you decide to remove the scope to use the peep sights, it will be a chore...
  7. RangerBill

    Be careful with Bronze Bore Brushes

    I have been using the nylon bristle brushes for years now and they work great. Some better than others. The Montana Extreme brand seem to have a bit tighter fit. The most aggressive solvent I have used is Sweets and it doesn't damage the brushes. Generally, for a fast cleaning, I soak a brush in...
  8. RangerBill

    10mm for Self Defense: Is It Too Powerful?

    After carefully looking at the picture, I see that is a 60 Grain bullet. Quite uncommon for 10mm / .401. Who makes the bullet? Regards, Bill
  9. RangerBill

    Is an Empty Chamber Dangerous?

    I watched a video of an armed robbery at a convenience store. The store owner was armed, no round in the chamber, and as things unfolded, obviously not skilled with handling his pistol. He was quite shaken and trying to get the slide back, and the robber shot and killed him. That video should be...
  10. RangerBill

    6 knots to know

    That is good information for anyone to know. It seems like it's one of those "Lost Arts". From Boy Scouts to Navy Boot Camp, then working with old time hunting guides packing horses, I learned much about knots and ropes. I need to buy a new Blue Jackets Manual just to see if they still teach...
  11. RangerBill

    The .357 Magnum: A Useful and Exciting Cartridge

    I will likely never buy a lever action .357, but I will never part with the trusty M28. I have had that one for over thirty years, and love it. Regards, Bill
  12. RangerBill

    First Cats & now Spring Bear next door...

    Yep, NG as been a main source of energy there for a long time. Montana - Dakota Utilities has been supplying natural gas out of the Williston Basin for years. It's rare that you see electric heat anywhere in that country. Did I mention that ice fishing is a big deal out there? ;) Regards, Bill
  13. RangerBill

    First Cats & now Spring Bear next door...

    I've been bird hunting in the Dakotas a few times. Beautiful open country, but yes, it does get mighty cold there in the winter. Spent a couple winters in North Dakota, don't care to do that again. South Dakota can get just as bad, as does eastern Montana. Last time hunting in Eureka, SD, the...
  14. RangerBill

    First Cats & now Spring Bear next door...

    I'm a Montana native. Just about have my wife talked into moving back there. Looking for a place right now. Heading back next month for some fall fly fishing and upland bird hunting, get in some house hunting while I'm at it. Regards, Bill
  15. RangerBill

    M1A double shot

    As Hans said. Springfield offers a pamphlet that addresses this. The firing pin does not have a spring to cushion the blow. When the bolt goes into battery, it's possible that the firing pin can hit the primer without the hammer striking the pin. Many times it's a light dimpling on the primer...
  16. RangerBill

    Will Steel Cased Ammo Hurt Your Gun

    That is true. For a time, brass was in short supply, and they had to "make do". I have in my collection of goodies a box of Remington 12 Ga shotshells from WWII. A full box, and unopened by my Dad, it has a factory note in it stating "Due to the brass requirements of the military, these...
  17. RangerBill

    Will Steel Cased Ammo Hurt Your Gun

    My late brother had acquired a considerable number of Wolf steel 5.56 to shoot in his Olympic Arms AR-15. He thought it a great price. Every fourth or fifth round would stick in the chamber upon firing. Really fun knocking a spent case out with a cleaning rod. I took all that ammunition, pulled...
  18. RangerBill

    Damn ticks

    In 1974, I went through a combat school outside of San Antonio, at an old Army post called Camp Bullis. It was along about February, warm days and cool nights, and I will say I had never had so many ticks on me as that time. Every day, particularly in the morning, I would get at least ten of the...
  19. RangerBill

    To Reload Or Not To Reload, That Is The Question

    Many times a prosecutor will not pursue charges on a justified defensive shoot. That issue is dropped right there. No need to go through the forensic gymnastics. BUT, the family of the injured / dead bad guy may pursue civil charges against you. Then there is a lawyer after you in civil court...
  20. RangerBill

    News: Skyrocketing Ammunition Demand

    Last week at the LGS, standing around to see if they had any reloading stuff available, I noticed a shotgun in the rack. It beckoned. A new CZ SxS 20 gauge of Turkish manufacture. I asked to see it, handled it, pulled up and swung, and that was it. Bought it & 5 boxes of Fiocchi fodder. Nice...