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    Hellcat Giveaway Winners!

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    EDC Rotation

    I like your point of having "if it's one you can conceal with your year round wardrobe". I wonder if lots of people just like having the available of having multiple options. I like to think of it from a more practical point of what am I willing to defend my life and family.
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    EDC Rotation

    I have been in a discussion recently where someone said it's good to be versatile and rotate your EDC weapon, I understand weather, situation and circumstances can be a variable. Another party took the side of stick with one and train train train. What do you all think?
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    Camping/Hiking Gear Ideas

    For just hiking a small back pack with sunscreen, multitool/knife, water, blanket, firearm, flashlight, small trauma kit (for scratches, falls bug bites etc) and of course snacks! For camping all the above items, 12 gauge, tent, cooler, sleeping bag, dogs, family, beer or whiskey sometimes...
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    Advice for beginners

    Absolutely proper grip and don't get careless. People have a habit of the more time they spend around something the less dangerous it is to them but that doesn't actually make it less dangerous. Remember safety and don't take it for granted and keep reminding yourself why it is important. Seen...
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    Type of holster you use for EDC

    Tier 1 concealed axis slim and xiphos 2.
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    XDM 3.8 Compact

    I have not done much to my xdm compact but I have a small light/laser combo viridian X5L on it that works great.
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    Best YouTube Gun Channels

    Hickok45 is a good one, I also like sootch00, warrior poet society, t-rex arms, I like Colion Noir's shooting competitions, very entertaining.
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    How often to the range and how many rounds?

    I try to go twice a month but sometimes due to life at least once a month. I go through about 75-100 rounds working on home defense and holstering drills.
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    Sig X Series

    That's good to know I am an EMT and always on the lookout for good deals. I have not had any experience with 357 Sig although I hear recoil is very manageable, I do however know that it is pricey.
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    Sig X Series

    What an awesome feature, I have been researching and apparently one can do slides as well with certain models.
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    Sig X Series

    I want to preface this thread with I am new to firearms, I went into my local shop and they had the Sig Sauer X Carry and X Compact both felt great in my hand. The gentleman at the shop had told me about how Sig Sauer had came out with the X series with interchangable grips. I am curious anyone...
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    Hellcat Holsters

    I know tier 1 concealed started making holsters for the Hellcat. I think they have got some quality holsters. They are pricey but they work well and are confirmed so far in my experience.
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    Hellcat: The New Top Dog?

    I think it would be a great for edc. A microcompact with great ammo capacity and feels good in the hand is worth carrying.
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    Win a Hellcat Pistol!

    Would love to win, fingers crossed.
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    Win a Hellcat Pistol!

    Would love to win one!
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    New To Forum

    Hello all, I am also new. I have done a lot of research on the Hellcat and would love to win one myself as I do not own many firearms and am looking for a ccw.