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    How much spare ammo do you all carry?

    Because of 3 major back operations (36 screws, 2 rods full length, multiple fused vertebras) I carry my XDs in a horizontal shoulder rig with 2 spare mags to balance. Also carry a small backpack type bag with small medical supplies, hand sanitizer, face mask, 2 more mags, flashlight/taser combo...
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    Survival food suppliers. Who do you guys like?

    We get our Freeze Dried from Realize Food Company. It's supposed to last for 25 years - I don't know if I'll last 25 years 🤠😲. anyway we like the food and it tastes good - we ate some to make sure our bodies would function well on it - No surprises when we're miles from nowhere.
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    Long Live the Lever Gun: Marlin Celebrates 150 Years

    Well I don't have a Marlin lever Mine is a Mossberg 30-30 but a great gun!
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    Bone To Pick...

    My XDs 3.3 came in a hard case with a holster and 4 extended mags and 2 regular mags and the cardboard slide cover for the hard case had 2 targets on it. I repurposed the hard case to hold my pedal board for my guitar! My other hard cases from other guns have made storage boxes for other items...
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    Quarantine TV whatcha watching?

    OAN for news, animal Planet, Discovery, Twister (every Spring), Jurassic Park -all of them, Listen to Contemporary Christian radio the most. After all, God's in control!
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    Emergency Food Storage.

    We've used My Patriot supply with good results. Do yourself a favor, open up a food package and actually try it. Some brands we looked at were horrible - I would have preferred the cardboard packaging to the actual food! we lived in Michigan during the 2003 blackout and learned from that - have...
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    If you were going to buy a new muscle car.........

    Dodge Hellcat, Shelby Mustang1000( new model: 1000 HP), Dodge Viper (owned a first generation yellow one - sorry I sold it) Not a fan of Chevys although I had a 1949 Chevy Truck that was fun to drive. Also had a 1959 Chevy Biscayne that was a horrible car.
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    40 years ago my two elderly aunts were murdered by a building contractor that owed them money. He used a claw hammer to kill them. We'll use the same logic: hammers kill people so they must be banned!! and of course, it wasn't his fault, the hammer made him do it!! Guns don't kill people, people...
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    SHTF Scenario Definition

    I live in a small town in Texas where we know who will stand together (including police/sheriff) in case of emergencies. Since we were in a situation where the power was out for 10 days when we lived in Michigan, we have a gas generator and a solar generator. We will stay in place as long as we...
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    High Point.....

    I have a High Point 9mm Carbine that I have put hundreds of rounds thru without issue. I have had the carbine since 2005 and it has performed well. I bought for my wife because it was a compact rifle that she could shoot. I have a red dot scope on it and the extra front hand hold. My only issue...
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    Home Defense Kit: Gear You Need

    I'm very happy with US & Texas Law Shield. They also offer classes. They just did an active shooter class at our church. Really great coverage with pro gun lawyers on call 24/7. at night: alarm system, 3 dogs, my XDs with hollow points, an AR loaded and 8 extra mags, a wife with a 9mm, a strobe...
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    Which AR mags do you run?

    I'm Using Amend2 mags. I had one mag disassemble itself as I was shooting this week causing a jammed round in my AR. That's the first time I had an issue. when we tried to put it back together the bottom plate was very loose and would not lock. The other mags seem to be OK with solid feeling...
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    EDC at Home

    EDC in holster all day, within reach at night. Wife has her EDC on her all day, next to bed at night. Plus house alarm and dogs.(y) We sleep well! ( No children in house- if our grand children are visiting EDCs are in gun safes next to bed at night)
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    Did you purchase a firearm last year?

    I bought a XDS and a custom made AR-15. I like the extended magazine. The AR is fantastic with a Romeo and Juliet sight. I also added a light for hog hunting at night.