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    To everyone!

    Enjoy your day
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    The Every Trip Range Gun.

    Usually my XD old school sub compact
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    Blast from the past

    Sure makes a guy wonder
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    Friday range day … full auto

    Had to be fun
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    Moron didn't learn the first time

    Just makes a guy wonder. How someone so stupid made it this far in life lol
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    I’ll be gone for awhile…….

    Take care man! Hope you a great recovery
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    Another "I shake my head" article.

    🫨 wow!
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    Ammunition distributor noticing a lot of “missing” packages from UPS

    Been lucky so far. No problem ordering from Tacticalshit.com
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    First Look: Desert FDE Hellcat Pro Threaded

    Looks good
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    Sickos everywhere.

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    RIP Suzanne Somers

    Loss of a beautiful lady, RIP
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    Happened Here Yesterday

    World is diffantly changing
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    BOOM BOOM out go the lights

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    Heritage new lever gun

    Nice looking for sure, pricing not bad either
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    Another Great One passes on.

    Sure was fun to watch. Both on the field and his movie roles
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    I don’t think Paul Bunyan wanted it this way…

    Never heard of it either
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    Days Long Gone

    Same thing here, I remember paying 9.99 for a brick of 500 22lr
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    On The Range With The Marlin 1894 Classic

    Nice to see them coming back