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    I'm pretty sure the baddies had guns then too. Oh I bet the world would get a lot more polite if everyone was packing!
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    Empty Range Day

    Got to go to the range last week after a big snow storm and it was empty, so I finally got the nerve to try my 1911 TRP Op @ 50 yards and I was delighted being on paper! Sure it's a 5 inch barrel but I couldn't even see the target behind iron sights and they were landing. Sorry for the awful...
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    Do You Avoid Places Where You Are Not Permitted To Carry A Firearm?

    We went to the Air Force Academy band Christmas show last week at the Performing Arts Center downtown and for the first time at that venue I had to go back to the car to disarm. I wasn't happy about it but we we're with family and friends and I did my best to not upset the herd. I usually...
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    Watching a "Mass Shooting" Disappear from the News

    This link just popped up on my youtube feed.
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    1 Gallon of CLP

    Thank you Bassbob! A+ on the proper solution AND the links. I'm totally sold on it. It may have to wait until spring though. I'll keep ya'll posted.
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    1 Gallon of CLP

    Luckily Colorado is really dry and rust isn't much of an issue here...just dust :( Ya'll took the wind right outta my sails but I'm gonna be stubborn and try it anyways. I'll have to sand either way if I paint so we'll just call it an experiment. Thank you for the heads up on the 1 year...
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    1 Gallon of CLP

    I've had it in my wish list for a year or two now but I finally found a rationalization to purchase the gallon size of CLP! I'm installing a large solar array in the back yard and the support system is made of 3 inch schedule 40 steel pipe. I think it'll look great with a nice coat of CLP...
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    Do you remember your first gaming pc you bought or built?

    The first video games in my house were the Atari back in the VERY early 80s. Tried to make a TRS-80 fun but eventually caved and got a C-64 in the mid 80s. After that it was all Pentiums, Intels, and AMDs. My current build is still running everything I need it for i7 4790k with a 980ti. I...
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    MantisX dry fire training Poll

    You hit the nail on the head! While I still use my MantisX a few times a year, I mostly just lend it out for the fundamental reinforcement for my friends that don't dry fire and don't have range days on a regular basis. My buddy is using it right now to help his wife get those basics down...
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    1911 Loaded Marine Corp. Operator, CA Compliant

    Quick question, are the internals the same as the TRP Operator?
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    New to Firearms

    The Mantis X dry fire system was a game changer for me.
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    Off to Chicago.

    "Hesitation gets you killed in Chicago!" Last November I had to go to Chicago and some kid yelled that at a Prius in a crosswalk and I 100% believed him. VERY BRUTAL video sent to me yesterday. VIEWER DISCRESTION ADVISED!!! Link to the video Good luck up there!!
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    11 Shootings from Last Month Have 1 Thing in Common

    I heard the owner had a heart attack after this happened. He got medical care and he's OK now but 80 is gettin up there for that kind of excitement. +1 for the good guys!
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    11 Shootings from Last Month Have 1 Thing in Common

    I believe it was '02....20 years since I've been back. I've still got a couple friends there and they've kept me updated on the Metropolitan of Crestview. :) I've watched Colorado Springs blow up in that time too. I thought it was just everywhere doing it.
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    11 Shootings from Last Month Have 1 Thing in Common

    I went to high school in Crestview. Glad to see the times haven't changed the area too much!
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    How to get started in 3 Gun Competitions

    Just trying to show the reference. But I get it.
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    What “Vehicle” Color works For You?

    Dark grey on a Subaru Forester blends right in with the urban surroundings. Stick shift is my anti theft.
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    Arthritis Tips: How to Load & Unload Semi-Autos

    I can't say enough good things about my UpLula. Wonderful tool that I originally got so I would stop wearing out the thumbs on my gloves just loading ammo. Turns out its just a great bit o' kit that really does help with the arthritis relief too! Thanks for sharing!
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    What influenced you to purchase your first Springfield product?

    I went shooting with my best friend. He has a TRP Operator in .45 with the full rail. When I first picked up his pistol, I was put off by the super aggressive grips. After shooting just a single clip, I was absolutely in love. I started saving my pennies right then and about a year later we...