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  1. Ranger715

    Do You Avoid Places Where You Are Not Permitted To Carry A Firearm?

    I will actively avoid a business if there are blatant indications of anti gun sentiment, or just disregard the sign if I need to go in. But I may disarm and go places where it is prohibited to bring a gun, such as Canada (a common day trip from where I live). I don't like it, but sometimes we...
  2. Ranger715

    Such a thing as too much???

    I believe Massad Ayoob has mentioned mods that were problematic in court in some of his articles over the years, usually "hair trigger" jobs, or something an overzealous prosecutor might try to characterize as a "hair trigger." So be wary of that. I think it's good rule of thumb to have a...
  3. Ranger715

    You don't have to put on the Red Light.......You know the rest

    I recall a Chinese restaurant in San Louis Obispo called Me Hung Lo. We didn't eat there.
  4. Ranger715


    Kind of like "vegan beef." Alternatively known as "vegetables."
  5. Ranger715

    Save the environment, eat more meat!

    If god didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat.
  6. Ranger715

    You don't have to put on the Red Light.......You know the rest

    Ok. That took me a few minutes, but I finally got it. Good one. 😅
  7. Ranger715

    Today in History: Minutemen Established

    So inspiring to see great artists at work.
  8. Ranger715

    is your car smarter than you..??

    I drive a 1987 Toyota pickup. It doesn't even have power windows. It does what I tell it to.
  9. Ranger715

    Should You Not Carry a Gun?

    The difficult truth is that there is no course of action which guarantees a good outcome once you encounter one of these miscreants. If you comply submissively to avoid trouble, they might hurt you anyway, or not. If you try to fight back, armed or otherwise, you might prevail, or not. If you...
  10. Ranger715

    New to Firearms

    Yes. I enjoy First Person Defender, too!
  11. Ranger715

    Good for Smith and Wesson

    My response would be, "Dear Chairwoman Maloney, You are cordially invited to the theological place of eternal punishment. Sincerely, Smith and Wesson." Now I have to go buy a gun from Smith and Wesson. I want their sales to boom in the wake of this. Maybe I'll write to the Honorable...
  12. Ranger715

    New to Firearms

    Hello Deathseed, from Washington state. Others can help with resources in Virginia, but there are great online resources, as well. I recommend a YouTube channel called "Active Self Protection," and their alternate channel, "Active Self Protection Extra." There you will find breakdowns of...
  13. Ranger715

    New member intro

    If you were looking for fellow gun nuts, you found them. Be careful what you wish for. Why not start out by picking a fight over Glocks? It's a favorite pastime. Welcome from Washington.
  14. Ranger715

    Finally got my CCL.

    My advice is don't pinch your pennies. If a good holster is a bit more expensive than something else which might do, go ahead and buy it anyway. You will never miss the money, but you will be filled with joy whenever you use that beautiful gear. Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather for...
  15. Ranger715


    Apparently, the distance was about 40 yards. That's something.
  16. Ranger715

    Another Good Guy with a gun.

    To all who say, "Violence is not the answer," I refer them to this story. When did the violence from this miscreant stop? When he encountered another man who wielded enough violence to stop him. That was the answer. In a proper world, all violent criminal behavior would elicit the same response.
  17. Ranger715

    Hellcat Pro Leather Holster

    Mitch Rosen 5JR Express is $95. You may have to call to get it for your gun, but they claim to take orders for most guns currently in use. You will love it. I guarantee.
  18. Ranger715

    Happy July 4th

    Happy Independence Day everyone! On this day I like to read the famous speech made by Patrick Henry which ends with the immortal words, "I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" I have tried to attach a copy of it. I hope you can read it...
  19. Ranger715

    Supreme Court sides with NY gun owners.

    Well, it took only 111 years for the Supreme Court to get around to this. That's how long this law has been in place. I suppose we can expect it to get to the rest of the 2nd Amendment infringements with the same alacrity? Regardless, I nominate Justice Thomas for 2nd Amendment sainthood...
  20. Ranger715

    NY Body Armor Nonsense

    Defenselessness is the only strategy they will allow. They can't imagine anything but criminal motives for owning either guns or body armor. Decent folk don't give any thought to criminal violence and all that, don't you know.