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    New to forum with a new SA-35

    Hi, glad you joined us... I like mine. It required a bit of "breaking in" but it's now great to shoot. The only thing I don't like about it is the narrow trigger. BHSS has a wider trigger available, I may try that.
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    SA-35 Accuracy

    Try Springfield, if you registered your warranty, they might be able to help. Since you've already paid them, probably no charge. I considered going to BHSS for mine. I just happened to have a barrel and tried it.
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    SA-35 Accuracy

    I really like mine, it's worth it to me to do what I can to make it what it was supposed to be.
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    Police still carry a revolver

    When I started, in 1980, we had 357 Magnum, S&W, M66 stainless revolvers. We changed to Sig P226 9MM pistols. I was sorry to see the 357 Mag go. I taught myself to double tap right away, I didn't think the 9MM was a effective as a 357 Mag. The philosophy at the time was to have as many rounds...
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    SA-35 Accuracy

    I've been thinking this over, I don't want to seem critical of my Hi Power. It wasn't very accurate, compared to my Girsan P35. I've been a pistol shooter for over 50 years and I do all right. Well I'm actually pretty good. But the SA 35 didn't do all that well. I tried different ammunition...
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    FN Reflex 9mm: Full Review

    I had 2 P365's, I sold one. Now I wish I still had it. Now I have decided to replace it with a Reflex. One of the MRD pistols. I've watched Hickok 45 and Sootch 00 shooting the pistol. I'm convinced, too.
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    converting 40 cal to 9mm

    How about a BarSto conversion barrel? https://barsto.com/product/9mm-xd-service-conversion/
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    New SA-35

    I have both, and the SA-35 is not twice as good as the MC P-35. I like shooting both and theSA-35 is a bit better looking.
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    Do their uniforms also include 'Brown Shirts"?
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    Questions on Sig P320

    I have 6 of them, I don't tell that often, it sounds erudite. I think it's a great pistol. Mine are all the P320 model. The main difference's with the M17 is that the metal in the slide is thicker, and it has M17 stamped on the side. Military 9MM is loaded to NATO specs, commercial like +P...
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    SA-35 Range Report

    My SA-35 has been shot enough that it works properly. My last range session showed me some weaknesses. mostly failure to comletely feed the next round. All I had to do was tap the rear of the slide to finish seating the round. This time it fed every round, each time. Also from a couple of old 20...
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    Idalia affecting anyone

    I live near Orlando. We'll probably get some (a hell of a lot) rain.
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    I likes me some color

    I'm tired of a shelf full of all black guns, too. I picked FDE or tan or whatever you might call it.
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    New 10mm

    I put a Dragonfly on mine. Since I don't carry it, the non-Shake Awake, doesn't bother me. You'll like it, it's a great shooting gun, and feels good in my hands. Much better than the G20 I had years ago.
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    Extended Slide Release for 9mm 1911-A1

    BHSS sells an RDIH extended release. I put one in my SA-35 it fit right in. https://bhspringsolutions.com/index.php/product/1911-extended-slide-stop-lever/?doing_wp_cron=1687020989.2556500434875488281250 This link is for the 1911 part.
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    I finally shot my SA-35

    Due to life's challenges, I didn't get a chance to shoot my new SA-35, until June 12th. This makes my 3rd High Power this year. First was a Girsan MC P35 and an FN New High Power, and lastly this SA-35. It was amazing. A couple of feeding hiccups at first, but that soon went away (less than 50...
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    Sig P320

    I have 5 P320's and I like them. I use Armory Craft and Gray Guns parts to 'improve' the trigger pull and convenience; like magazine release, or the slide stop. But lately I've found that FN is pretty good too. I just got this FN545, I already have an FNX 45T and one of the new High Powers. I...
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    Guns Never Shot……

    I shoot all my guns. I have a couple I haven't shot, yet.
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    New to me S.A. Loaded 1911.

    Yes, but I wanted to keep the Cocobolo S.A. grips with the crossed cannons logo in the midle.