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  1. Pitdogg2

    Background Check Record Set On Black Friday 2023

    Absolutely!! When most Republicans are in office, firearms and ammunition manufacturers are hurting for sales. Under Trump until the pandemic you could get some great deals on firearms (relatively speaking). For instance HK's VP 9mm was normally $800, my local store had them at 1/2 price...
  2. Pitdogg2

    Outerspace confirmed kill

    The article is from 1985...
  3. Pitdogg2

    How to Choose a 1911 Pistol

    Norinco 1911, boy that brings back memories! It was my stepping stone to a better 1911.
  4. Pitdogg2

    Isreali-Hamas War

    The worst part is the pro Hamas college campuses.
  5. Pitdogg2

    For those of you who love Glocks, here is a teaser.

    What's a Glock?
  6. Pitdogg2

    Here's a Great Deal - No Comments

    https://www.sgammo.com/product/cyber-monday-sale/1000-round-case-9mm-luger-federal-hst-124-grain-hp-hollow-point-le-ammo-p9 Bunch of good stuff https://www.sgammo.com/ammo-sale-cyber-monday-sgammo
  7. Pitdogg2

    Fools and guns and kids

    Oxygen thieves. These kind of cases hurt my soul knowing some DA will want to plea it down, when they should be throwing the book at them.
  8. Pitdogg2

    Scheels Store - OMG

    I cannot disagree. I find it AMAZING that my Springfield Il. store stocks tons and tons of .40 cal and maybe 12 boxes of range 10mm and IF I'm lucky they may have one brand and bullet weight of defense 10mm and never more than 5-8 boxes. I've given up.
  9. Pitdogg2

    Scheels Store - OMG

    Actually Scheels doesn't own Herters and it's not their own brand. Herters went bankrupt in the 80's and Cabela's AKA Bass Pro brought the rights to the name. Herters is now made by Olin Corporation, AKA Winchester. Great American Outdoors Group actually owns Bass Pro, Cabela's and The...
  10. Pitdogg2

    Scheels Store - OMG

    My local store, love it!
  11. Pitdogg2

    Words fail.

  12. Pitdogg2

    Optical for XDM10

    RMR as said above, I use the HS 508t and it fits perfectly.
  13. Pitdogg2

    Nashville school shooter’s manifesto to be released soon

    They only reason I felt they wanted to hide it was that it shows that many of these "trans-sexuals" have deep mental issues. These days when they want to go around the parents and "help" these kids by "gender affirming care" and in most cases totally wrecking them for life for decisions they...
  14. Pitdogg2

    Nashville school shooter’s manifesto to be released soon

    I've already seen and read it off Crowder
  15. Pitdogg2

    Do you remember ?

    I still have 3 of those, just in case the ice maker flakes out.
  16. Pitdogg2

    Do you remember ?

    OH MAN!! That was the good stuff!!
  17. Pitdogg2

    When it comes down to it, what is your "go to" EDC?

    XD-m Elite 3.8 10mm
  18. Pitdogg2

    How much play (slop, wobble) should there be between a Saint upper and lower?

    Back when little red wedges came out I tried one on my 1993 Eagle Arms H-bar, now the companies name is Armalite, after Eagle Arms bought the name. Anyhoo, my rifle was already so tightly manufactured that, that wedge would not fit at all. With the wedge placed where it was supposed to go I...
  19. Pitdogg2

    Potent Potables (aka What’s your poison?)

    Found another EXcellent Tequila. Another good sipper, actually I drink like Gatorade on a hot summer day.😉