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    Friday range day … full auto

    I agree on the sights. I have an.357 with the Buckhorn sights and struggle being a consistent shooter when I start switching yardages. Wish I had folks at my range that brought out toys. looks like it was fun and nice work as always.
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    When it comes down to it, what is your "go to" EDC?

    I have had zero issues with TruGlo or Ameriglo working. Call their customer service and they will tell you the exact model you need. I just put Ameriglo night sights on my Hellcat and Hellcat pro. I have TruGlo TFO's on almost everything else
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    Range Report 11/15/23

    As I have started to get back to normal I have been going to the range and shooting 100 - 200 rounds. This week I took my Garrison, Professional (both 9mm) and my new M&P subcompact. The weather was great and enjoyed being outside. First shot the subcompact using the 12rnd pinky mag then the...
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    Options aren't optional.

    Thoughts are with you and your Mom as you handle this situation. Hopefully your Dad will find more peace as time moves forward. Agree with have options and practice
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    When it comes down to it, what is your "go to" EDC?

    Nothing wrong with a little rotation. Weather, clothes you will be wearing, intended location/event can all impact my carry.
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    add on checkered frontstrap - Wilson

    I use skateboard tape but will look further into this offering.
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    When it comes down to it, what is your "go to" EDC?

    Shield Plus PC, Shield 4" .45 or EMP CCC as of late. Bought a S&W sub compact that I am working with at the range and will carry this frequently.
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    Tru Glo Pistol Sight Recommendation

    TFO's on pretty much everything I shoot. These work the best for my eyes. I was using TFX Pro's which were great until my vision went a little south.
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    +P .45 Ammo

    Let us not forget that if you had also made a trigger adjustment plus the hot load that's a throw away the key situation ;)
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    M&P9 Ammo

    For my 9mm Range will be Freedom Munitions Reman ball or JHP 115/124gr, S&B, or Blazer Carry will be Barnes TAC XPD 115 gr or Norma MHP 108gr in my Shields, PPS and Hellcat. I will shoot (test) both rounds this coming weekend in my M&P subcompact that just arrived. Thanks for posting your...
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    I’ll be gone for awhile…….

    Best wishes and thoughts and prayers your way. Most importantly stay positive.
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    Consealed VS Open Carry & Constitutional Carry

    Major issue of today. People don't respect authority and it is slowly becoming irrelevant unfortunately
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    What have you bought firearms related in the last 48 hours?

    Know what you mean about the pockets and the white at the top plus the pockets weren't very deep. Wore them for a few years. Glad to hear Jeff is doing better.
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    Consealed VS Open Carry & Constitutional Carry

    I had to pass my dad's training class before I was allowed to handle a firearm and then get to hunt with the group on the weekends. BTW his training lasted longer than 4 hrs. Thanks Pop. Two other posts that struck me , #35 by SimonRL for adding the term Douche Nozzle to my vocabulary and #62 by...
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    What have you bought firearms related in the last 48 hours?

    M&P sub compact 9mm and 1K .45acp for range. For clarity not in the sub compact 9mm :)
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    M&P Finally arrived!

    After looking at the pics a few times I decided to purchase one during breakfast coffee this morning.
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    M&P Finally arrived!

    Congrats on a nice pick up and a fine rifle. I am a true M&P fan. Have several and been issue free, they are my favorite plastic gun (do miss my VP9 &HK 45) but the M&P wins for me. I have the compact
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    The Best Bear Defense Handguns of 2023

    Really like my new Smith M&P 5.6' 10mm. Shot it yesterday and went back today but still less than 100rnds. My RO Elite Operator is something the wife and I both enjoy shooting as she finds the recoil no issue. I also have the XD-M but not much of a fan, bought for capacity.
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    Electric is the way to go?

    Personally I think Mr Tesla earned a PhD in the advanced economics of P T Barnum
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    Moved from Illinois in 1985 due to my work and made a nice life for my family in Texas. Leaving our families was hard but fortunately the grandparents were able to retire shortly after our move. Had I not moved in 85 I'm positive I would have eventually left and started over in a new location...