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    OK, who here bought it?

    Ok not Hans, how about you BET7.
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    Comments to the ATF Concerning Stabilizing Braces

    Very well written. But I think it was a waste of time. They will not read it or care about it. If the cared about what we think we wouldn't be commenting about it to them.
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    Defense against the Christmas Menace

    Finally something to do with a fruit cake.
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    Saint Victor in 350

    I have bought some 350 Legend ammo but no gun yet wasn't sure which one I wanted. I think I know now.
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    What not to do when handloading, Kaa…

    That sucks. Glad that the shooter is OK. If I reloaded ammo I would take as many safety step I can so things like this don't happen to me or others.
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    Virtual SHOT Show 2021: What can we expect?

    Hope to see it on the outdoor channel.
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    I like the Colts just never owned one.
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    Love them Rugers. Back then I was to young to buy handguns.
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    Top 3 Myths About the Second Amendment, Busted!

    Great article and I have use the comparison to car a couple times before. I also went with the AR and why we need them.
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    Is The .40 S&W dead?

    I love my EMP CCC in 40 S&W.
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    Great News

    Congrats Hope you like your new job.
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    Masterpiece Arms Unveils World Class DS9 Hybrid Pistols

    Yes they are nice guns I was looking at them right before I got on here yesterday. Do they have one in 40 S&W I did see that they had mags for the 40 S&W but the guns I was looking at were all in 9mm.
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    Masterpiece Arms Unveils World Class DS9 Hybrid Pistols

    Nice looking gun but I'm not a competitive shooter, if I was going to spend that much on a gun it would be on a single stack 1911 that I could use as a EDC gun.
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    Why are gun store employees obsessed with Smith and Wesson or Glock for handguns?

    You need to decide what gun fits you and your needs the employees is only good to show you about the features of the guns.
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    Every Day Carry—More Than Just Firearms

    I need to add a flashlight to my EDC. I want to and have one just keep forgetting unless I take my girlfriend out shopping at night. She has sugar and can't see very well at night so I make sure I have one for her. I do have a couple in both my trucks and one on my phone.
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    10 Advanced Handgun Training Terms You Should Know.

    I agree and I never seen it done either. All I ever seen done was them looking in and showing the instructor.
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    The Keefe Report: Where All The Ammo

    Over the years I have had many many people ask me why I buy so much ammo that I don't need that much. Now they are trying to buy it from me and most I tell NO. I just traded some 9mm for 6.5 CM. One of my bosses text me yesterday where can he get 9mm and 45 ACP. I reply HA HA if you find any I...
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    Which Type of Shotgun Load is Beat for Home Defense

    I would not follow someone out side, and if I did my part to protect my family they should not make it out the door on their own.
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    Which Type of Shotgun Load is Beat for Home Defense

    I have enough now. I stocked up when Gander Mountain sold out to Camping World. I don't get to do any small game hunting anymore , because of my jobs.
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    Which Type of Shotgun Load is Beat for Home Defense

    All that I can find around here is 7 1/2 or 8 shot.