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  1. yipDog

    Let's see your AR setups...

    That was a temp sling just cause I got anxious and wanted to shoot it. Not good for carry but necessary to shoot. Final one has front and back attachments and carries like a purse...a purse that goes bang😜
  2. yipDog

    Let's see your AR setups...

    This is my 16” AR-15 from HM Defense. Of course a nice rifle deserves a cheap scope so this is a 2-9x that has been rock solid through over 1000 rounds. $80!! I am not a great shooter but this setup can group within 6” at 100yards.
  3. yipDog

    Let's see your AR setups...

    This is a locally manufactured 7-1/2” RebelsArms AR-15 in 223/556 Romeo 5 red dot Company used to do machining for the aerospace industry...their precision shows that with how nice this gun is! can I say it’s a blast to shoot?🤣
  4. yipDog

    Show off your 1911

    New member but have owned my RO Elite Target for 5 years and love it! (The Staccato P is a few months old) Will be getting into IDPA/USPSA after an intro class I have in a couple of weeks. Will be shooting both!