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  1. Nglawe

    Hex Wasp Sight???

    Maybe this is answered....but What is a Hex Wasp sight and why is it more expensive for the Hellcat??? And why am I intrigued by what it could be.....
  2. Nglawe

    Your avatar story?

    Because, Freedom.....
  3. Nglawe

    Win a Hellcat Pistol!

    Can’t wait Thanks
  4. Nglawe

    Where do you sit?

    Fields of view and avenues of approach...unfortunately we don’t always have the option of “back to the door” but windows and walkways can mitigate danger but seeing blind spots and how to move about within the restaurant. Any position within a restaurant can be defensive of offensive in nature...
  5. Nglawe

    Scope Levels

    I second the “for install only” theme....
  6. Nglawe

    Precision Rifle Choice

    The Thompson LRR is pretty awesome for the price You get a rifle built by the Smith and Wesson performance center and its pretty smooth The 6.5 creedmoor has really nice coefficients and very predictable I think you can find one for about $850-$900 online if you do your home work The fully...
  7. Nglawe

    Question about Maintenance

    You do a better job than 90% of Gun owners already buddy..... Maybe you should pass out more advice and trust your instincts and noggin
  8. Nglawe

    Backup plan, are you ready....

    I agree with 10mm.... Which is why a healthy dose of aggression will usually win the day in a no win situation such as a failure of arms and as the Marine Corps would say... Close with and destroy
  9. Nglawe

    5.11 Rush Moab 6 Sling bag

    The AMP series bags that just came out are pretty interesting thought I might pick up a AMP12 to give it a whirl I prefer two straps as opposed to a sling pack
  10. Nglawe

    5.11 Rush Moab 6 Sling bag

    Bought it...used it as a edc/med bag for about 6 months Too small to carry everywhere/ everyday in my opinion. It also screams tacticool, and there for draws a longer glance from some people looking for firearms in Illinois. I leave it in the car as a emergency med bag now
  11. Nglawe

    Optic Choice

    I also run a Vortex SPARQ-AR on another short barrel. If you want a smaller foot print and more field of view around the sight.. Yea yea I know...I’m a little bit of a Vortex fanboy I have a viper on my duty pistol too.... But if it works....
  12. Nglawe

    Optic Choice

    The one I have is an absolute Co witness.... I love it
  13. Nglawe

    Optic Choice

  14. Nglawe

    Backup plan, are you ready....

    A small revolver usually close at hand (though not necessarily “on body”) is usually my go to. It’s usually in the car or in a bag etc.... Also a knife and hand to hand training go a long way....
  15. Nglawe

    Optic Choice

    I have used a vortex strike fire 2 on my duty SBR for a few years now and it has been great. Never had any issues and the life time/ no questions asked Vortex warranty has been solid