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    Ever heard of guns firing in a fire?

    Wow. I guess I never thought about that before. Here’s the story: https://www.weau.com/2021/02/24/cornell-firefighter-in-critical-condition-after-gun-discharges-during-fire/
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    Ever heard of guns firing in a fire?

    There’s an article in the paper about a gun discharging during a house fire... supposedly it was loaded and just chilling by itself in the house. A firefighter got shot with said discharged round and is now fighting for his life. Can this really happen? I’ve heard of ammo popping in camp...
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    Mass Shooter at gunstore/range

    I don’t know... I think they are still interpreting this as bad guy / mass shooting / public place. They just spin it however they want to. Several of my cousins called me about it yesterday so it was on the news in at least 3 states other than Louisiana.
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    Mass Shooter at gunstore/range

    Lol, yeah it was probably the ‘biker woman’ comment that did it... The statue does in fact look like a biker woman though. I try to visit the area every few years. When I first visited, I went for lunch at one of Selena’s old favorite restaurants. As soon as the staff realized that I was a...
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    CCW protection recommendations

    I bought insurance approx 2 years ago (after carrying for several years without insurance). What helped me change my mind was looking at the typical costs associated with a legit cc shooting. Without the insurance, my whole entire savings account would be immediately wiped out between bail and...
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    Mass Shooter at gunstore/range

    Home of Selena!
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    Is using WD-40 to Clean Your Gun a Good Ideal?

    Nuh uh
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    Another P320 Lawsuit

    We made the right decision. The grip on the p320 (and the compact) fits my hand so perfectly though. I feel like it was made for me. Alas it was not to be. All I can do is blow kisses at it on the wall at the gun shop.
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    Another P320 Lawsuit

    Supposedly the version that the military uses has resolved the design deficiency... However, there’s no warm fuzzy feeling amongst the civilian firearm owners of the 320. The upgrade from several years ago didn’t seem to be enough to prevent the issue. I’m glad that I didn’t buy the gun...
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    Ammo $$$$$

    I agree that we should hold off on buying factory rounds at stupid prices but even if ‘we’ do, millions of other people won’t (hell, there are thousands of new gun owners popping up every day and they will pay whatever for ammo because they don’t have any)... so the experiment wouldn’t get the...
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    Our Killerford’s new ride

    So young to be on the wrong track. So young... So wrong.