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    XD-S Mod 2 .45 gun case, where to find a good one?

    Mine came with the simple fabric one, I'm looking for a Pelican 1170 style one the fits this pistol. Anyone have a good supplier to rec? I did find I could buy the Pelican 1170 with knock out foam, and via another outlet, they have the specific Foam only cut out for this pistol ($30.00). Trying...
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    Slide Stop is hard and stiff

    Thanks everyone, all makes sense, much appreciate your experience and recommendations to me. Looking forward to seeing how this puppy handles!
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    Slide Stop is hard and stiff

    I'm new here, just got a new XDs Mod2 .45 3.3 two tone gun. You put the Mag in while the Slide is in the open locked position, and when trying to use your thumb to press down the button to release the slide and load a round, it is damn near impossible. I never thought you would have to have...