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  1. Gottabkiddin

    Concealed Carrier Fires Shot in Walmart to Stop Fight

    Yup, bad move and charges to follow. Three words that just don’t go together; “Bystander and Warning shot”. 🤦‍♂️
  2. Gottabkiddin

    What Color Front Sight is Best

    For me it's Red with white dot rear.
  3. Gottabkiddin

    9mm vs 380ACP Ammunition: Which is Better for Concealed Carry

    The 9mm is better across the board, period. Will the .380 ACP do the job? Absolutely, if the shooter can put the rounds on target. The rounds need to be of quality, but if they can reach the vitals, and followup shots are easily obtainable, IMO either or will do for self defense.
  4. Gottabkiddin

    Find the Right Carry Gun, Not Necessarily the Smallest One

    From the article: She said a bigger, heavier gun would not deter her from carrying concealed because she carries a larger purse and is accustomed to lugging a heavy work bag daily. First huge mistake, comparing a two pound firearm that should be carried on your person to a purse or bag at which...
  5. Gottabkiddin

    9 Best Single Stack 9mm Pistol Options for Concealed Carry

    JMO, but outta the nine mentioned the Kahr PM9 and the SA XDS are probably the top best single stack 9s out there. I carry my Kahr‘s a lot when weight to comfort is key, which is most of the time, and the rest of the days are filled with my SA stuff.
  6. Gottabkiddin

    Sig p320 unsafe saga continues

    Great! Now I’m gonna have to ask anyone carrying a Sig 320 to stay far far away from me. 😃 I don’t think a mask and or the six foot of separation is gonna fix or help here.
  7. Gottabkiddin

    XDS-2.0 .45

    It’s been said, but I would do two things: One, work on getting past the “not charging the firearm for carry”, you are putting yourself and or loved ones at a serious disadvantage by not doing so. Two, concentrate on hollow-point carry rounds functioning @ 100%. As long as that is 100% IMO, you...
  8. Gottabkiddin


    I try not to modify anything on my carry guns. When I select a carry gun I try to find one that I feel I can buy and right outta the box carry it without a single modification. I don’t give a hoot about the whole “prosecutor/jury” thing, although I’m sure it has been used against someone and...
  9. Gottabkiddin

    Defense ammo, low grain and high Ft-lbs energy, is it worth it?

    As long as it will penetrate to the vitals, the rest is gravy. IMO, nothing wrong with slow and heavy. I always choose the heavy for caliber round when I can. The heavy round will usually penetrate deeper and have more bone crushing ability, it also stands a better chance of less deviation over...
  10. Gottabkiddin

    XDm Elite vs Sig X5

    Both are nice, but if just one is my only option, XDM.
  11. Gottabkiddin

    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    Yup, nice choice. I absolutely love mine.
  12. Gottabkiddin

    Why a Revolver is Still Worth Considering for Home Defense

    For home invasion scenarios it’s a high cap auto loader for my house. The reason is simple, that is most likely what the bad guys are going to be carrying and there’s no good reason to go into the ordeal under gunned.
  13. Gottabkiddin

    10mm for Self Defense: Is It Too Powerful?

    I’d feel pretty confident while in the woods carrying my XD 45 with 230gr FMJ on board. Besides, I’ve never been of the mindset “one shot stops” will solves all your problems. I will be pretty quick to consider a mag dump and reload should mr. 🐻 think I’m on the menu.
  14. Gottabkiddin

    SA, Please make a 10 Round Magazine for the Hellcat

    All they would need to do is press a dimple in the mag to stop the follower from depressing past the ten round mark. Should be easy enough to do that for the folks in the comie states. ☺️
  15. Gottabkiddin

    What do you currently use for EDC

    I hear ya, and yes it is a AMBI safety which I really didn’t like when I bought it. With that happening twice and knowing I already spent $65 on a excellent IWB kydex holster for it translates into a failure x2 and not something I am willing to throw money at. I collect SA firearms so it’s just...
  16. Gottabkiddin

    9mm vs 45ACP: The Ultimate Caliber Conundrum

    Being someone who has witnessed a shooting; and knowing the body reacts violently to anything creating it’s own orifice. A well placed shot from anything could result in a toe tag. My advice would be to practice a lot, and carry a round that has good ballistics in a caliber of .380ACP and above...
  17. Gottabkiddin

    How much spare ammo do you all carry?

    Always a spare mag for whatever firearm I’m carrying, and always my Kahr .380acp in my pocket, just for something a little extra.
  18. Gottabkiddin

    What do you currently use for EDC

    Right now it’s my XD45 M2, but normally it‘s my XDE 9 or one of my Kahr PM9s. Was carrying my New SA 911 9mm for a while, but after finding the safety somehow clicked of twice while on my belt, it has been retired to the safe and replaced by the new XD45.
  19. Gottabkiddin

    10mm for Self Defense: Is It Too Powerful?

    IMO, depending on the carry load, the firearm and the conditions, I would say yes, it’s on the cusp of being too much gun for humanoid defense. A woods gun, or home defense where collateral damage should be minimal or nonexistent, cool, but magnum loads, and those I consider to be (+p+) loads...
  20. Gottabkiddin

    Springfield Hellcat Review: Best CCW 9mm Ever

    It was a toss up for me between the Hellcat or the M2 45ACP. I went with the .45ACP for this go around; love the grip and the caliber. It’s a little on the larger side for my carry needs, but concealed is concealed until it comes out; and if it ever does come out, those are some pretty big...